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Dennis D, I can not believe that "many on the left cheered US deaths". The only people who cheered US soldiers deaths were the typical array of nations that hate us as a result of our involvement and attempt to shape they're nations affairs, be that nation Iran, Palestine, hard line Phillipine's, Indonesians etc.

I will agree that media coverage definately played up the "milestones" as you put it. I will also agree that I was pretty unhappy with Harry Reids remarks, but many people over there would also tell you in confidence that we won the war at first, because we won the hearts of many oraqi's early on, but then we became seen as just another brutal regime as Abu Garihb and similar actions at Bagrahm and and Guantanamo. According to some reports, only 7%of the detainees were captured by coalition forces, we armed militias which eventually turned against us (as usual), and we lost the respect of the people. In that aspect, unfortunately, we did lose the war. Militarily, its still ongoing, and that may have been by design.
Off topic, but can you name a country we've been to war with or in where we don't keep a force of troops? We have over 57,000 in germany at this point for instance.

I am not a card carrying liberal, but I don't want the United States to be an empire.

Comment Posted By bassplyr98 On 2.03.2009 @ 23:04

Hmm, interesting posts here. The GOP are not going to turn they're party around until they actually come up with some direction and ideas. They have none. They have not had any for decades. We've watched this countries debt run us to the brink of insolvency. If that wasn't true, McCain would have won. He didn't. The GOP was happy to play partisan politics with a gloating sneer for the majority of the last 40 years. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they cry about it. One other comment regarding Rush. I can't stand the man personally and find it amusing that the GOP would even want to associate with a self confessed drug addict. The other thing amusing is that he makes the statement that if he were the head of the GOP, he would probably quit due to the sad state of affairs, though he espoused the actions that got us into them. We don't need quitters, we need leaders who are doing to try. I voted for Obama, I am a little dismayed by his continuation of DOJ policy from the Bush administration, but I give him credit for taking on the big problems first. 6 weeks in office so far, and the GOP, still hurting from the spanking they've taken over the last few years (which they've earned), can't do anything other than stick to they partisan guns, all while requesting autographs from the man they are trying to undercut. Instead of worrying about who is running your party, come up with some solutions, promote those, and maybe you'll slowly eke your way back into a position of political importance. Right now, the GOP is the crazy dude on the sidewalk wearing "the end is near placards."

I can't abide ignorance on this site. Since 1932, the Democrats have been in control of the US House for all but 12 years and the Senate for all but 18 years. Republican presidents have routinely had to deal with huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate - where all money bill originate. So goes your deficit theory.

Plus, your simple minded analysis belongs more on Romper Room than any serious site - right or left.


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