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I'm with you on how the anti/amerika/war/lefty/socialist/commie/enviormentalist'KosKid/Demo whako's want to take this incident and make Murtha their "Mulla for The Movement", seeing that Cinders has fallen out of favor.

WE *know* how bad the Bash/Bush Left-tards have no scrupples at all about using anything they call in hopes to topple the conservative regieme in this country. Oh yeah. As it's been said, it's not will we win the war in the Mi-East (which there are ton's of stat's to prove we are) it's will we win in at home. The DBM (Drive By Media) is our greatest enemy in the states next to the wankers in the Demo party.

Look what happened at Abu. They pounded that daily. And there were other videos released that were supposed to have been worst than what was first released but we haven't seen them and eventually the story died out. End of news cycle.

Now its this one from Haditha. Here is a pretty good unbiased article from the Guardian that tells the ugly face of Haditha:,2763,1553969,00.html.

There is a lot of conjecture as to the what, who, where, and why of this whole situation. All of that will come out. I think a lot of us could make book that even if this was a heinous act and the LEFT was backing these guys you could all write the script yourselves as to how they would be reporting it. Totally different slant and bias. If these Marines are in fact gulity of the alleged charges then they will be dealt with by the law.

Either way as you stated Rick:"Is the war effort going to be further undermined because of the actions of 13 out of the hundreds of thousands of honorable men and women who have sacrificed so much, given so much, endured so much in this cause?"

May it never be. The Islamofacists can not win. They are not wining in Iraq or Afghanistan or throughout the Mid-East. We are justified in our war efforts and our country's government has gone out of its way (like Club Gitmo) to fight a fair war. I couldn't imagine all the extra 'stuff' that is put on our soldiers who are sent into a 'Hell Hole' and then have to be concercned about being nice. Don't anyone take that as my saying it's OK to commit atrocities. NO. NO. NO. It is not! But in most cases they are justified in their force.

We hope for the best from this whole situation and for all those who have been accused.

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