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sorry about the typos and writeos

Linebacker was a operation over North Vietnam.

The NVA lost half of their artillery.

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grognard & wafranklin:

We won the Vietnam War. I was there as a USAF F4E weapon systems officer at DaNang AB RVN from 1971 to 1972. My undergraduate degree is in Asian Studies. I am also a retired military officer.

We won every battle we fought. No unit ever surrendered.

The Tet Offensive was disaster for the communists. Walter Cronkite falsely declared the war lost. Of the 84,000 VC only 10,000 escaped death or capture. Not a single military objective did they achieve. The Viet Cong ceased to exist as a fighting force.

The North Vietnamese launched their Eastertide Offensive in April. On 26 April, my BOQ was hit by a Soviet 122 MM rocket.

Unlike Tet, which had been a Viet Cong insurgency, this new Spring was a conventional operation with large armor, artillery and infantry units advancing on Quang Tri, An Loc and Pleiku. Nixon was furious that the NVA would attack during an election campaign and after he thought the Paris Peace Talks appeared to be making progress.

On 28 April the weather broke and we brought tactical air power into the fight. The ARVN fought very well with American air support. Of the 200,000 NVA troops that invaded the South, 100,000 were killed. Half of their tanks and half of their armor were destroyed. General Giap was relieved.

Operation Linebacker began with the suppression of enemy air defenses and then moved to hit real targets unlike the BS LBJ/Bobby McNamara raids that were an attempt to "pressure" north Vietnam. The US Navy mined the ports and harbors, trapping Russian, Chinese and Canadian ship. We hit the bridges, airfields, air bases, rail yards, power plants, steel mills, communications infrastructure and every military base in the country. Kissinger and Le Duc Tho began to make more progress.

On the 18th of December 1972, Le Duc Tho walked out of the talks. Nixon ordered Linebacker II - 100 to 150 B-52 sorties per night - to carpet bomb Hanoi and Haiphong. Friends who were POWs tell me that when they heard to sticks of 106 Mk82 500 pound bombs rumble across Hanoi they went wild. The guards, who for years had abused them, were terrified. In ten days, Hanoi was helpless, unable to muster any air defense. On 29 December 1972, Le Duc Tho returned to the table in Paris and agree to everything we asked. We agreed to one condition - NVA troops could remain in the South. Nixon promise President Thieu that if the NVA moved out of their positions we would return and defend them.

What I just described is, by any standard, a military victory.

However, the Democrats could not allow a Nixon victory. They hounded him from office and used their majority in Congress to cut security assistance to South Vietnam from $1.4B to $700M, ensuring that they would be unable to defend against another attack. To add insurance, the Congress added the Case Church amendment to the 1975 Defense Appropriation Bill precluding the US military from any action in, over or in the waters of North or South Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.

Democrats (some of the same people - Kennedy, Murtha, Obey, Byrd) are in the same position with regard to Iraq.

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You are 100% correct. Al Gore's biggest enemy is truth; his strongest ally, fear.

If the scientific community is permitted to study the evidence and discuss the problem in an open forum, his underlying premise will fall apart. It is for this reason that the radical environmentalists are propagandizing and politicizing science grants at major universities. Here is the real inconvenient truth:

1. The major cause of warming is solar radiation. CO2 in the deep oceans is released into the atmosphere as a result of warming. Glacial ice records show CO2 levels lag temperature increases be several hundred to thousands of years, and therefore cannot be the cause of warming.

2. Adverse effects are grossly exaggerated. 8,000 years ago, CO2 levels were three times current levels. Polar bears did not drown. Coastal areas did not flood. Human race was not destroyed.

3. Warming and cooling have occurred naturally over time at 1500 year intervals - long before man was here in significant numbers. The current warming trend is the end of the end of the Little Ice Age.

4. The major greenhouse gas accounting for 70% to 95% of warming is water vapor. Climate change simulations do not attempt to model the complex effects of water vapor.

5. Human cannot alter climate change in any significant way.

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Nancy Pelosi to be Appointed US Ambassador to the Sun

By Herron A Phyre

Friday April 6, 5:30 PM ET

Washington, DC. - Senior Bush administration sources confirm that Representative Nancy Pelosi (Dem - CA) is to be given a recess appointment as the first US Ambassador to "Solaria", a position critical to the new United Nations Universal War on Warming (UNUWW).

The San Francisco Congresswoman could not be reached for comment, but her attorney confirmed that her recent diplomatic tour Middle East made such an impact on the State Department that they consider her "uniquely qualified to be the first animal to land on the solar surface."

Apparently, the Bush administration has irrefutable evidence from NASA and the CIA that Solaria has developed enormously powerful thermonuclear weapons and is using them to warm all the planets, not just Earth.

Senator John Kerry (Dem- MA) vacationing in Davos, had this to say, "Shocked! I'm shocked and of course, the Bush administration has done nothing to reduce solar radiation. Nothing in six years! A Kerry administration would have mobilized the international community to solve this problem without delay in a thoughtful and meaningful manner that would enhance the stature of this country. Outrageous!"

Former Vice President Al Gore, exiting his black Escalade, confirmed this new discovery. "We noticed that the sun is a major factor in weather here on earth. Tipper told me yesterday that solar radiation accounts for most of the heat the tropics, where many poor, third world countries are located. It's criminal the way these people are being abused. And, it isn't just Earth. It's our entire solar system. We intend to demand that Congress reclassify solar radiation as a greenhouse gas."

NASA has confirmed that Pelosi refused the VIP space shuttle course.

"It's going to be an automated mission, similar to the Galileo Spacecraft," explained Mission Director Dash Riprock. "She'll be aboard as payload. Once the shuttle has achieved earth orbit, she will move into the 'Warmie One' spacecraft. Mission payload specialist will use the manipulator, correction, 'articulator' arm to erect, correction, 'verticalize' Warmie prior to main engine ignition. We have recently been given a new Congressionally mandated NASA lexicon and I'm still adapting to the nomenclature."

We asked about the compact size of Warmie.

"Shuttle volume is a premium. We plan to use kinetic energy and gravitational acceleration to propel Warmie so we don't need much fuel. We'll slingshot off Earth, use Venus gravitation to accelerate and turn the corner with plenty of energy to reach the Sun. As for consumables, the Speaker is not a very big person," Riprock noted, "and she doesn't eat much. We recycle solid and liquid human waste and reclaim oxygen. The one modification was for 12 gallons of eye drops. She blinks a lot. As for communication, she will not need a voice receiver, just a transmitter."

We asked Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Representative John Murtha (Dem PA) what we could do if diplomacy fails.

"We will back the Speaker up with military might," replied Murtha, "but we do not plan to put our troops in harm's way. We'll deploy them to a nearby location either Venus or Mercury, I forget which ever is closer."

We asked Chairman Murtha what weapons could be effective on the sun.

"All of them including nukes." He continued, "If only the Bush administration had faced up to this responsibility sooner, we would have had it over with by now."

Pointing out that the sun is a nuclear furnace with flares in trillions of megatons, we questioned the viability of nuclear weapons. To which the Congressman replied, "We did not start this fight and we will do everything we can to avoid violence, but it appears that Solaria is already heating the earth. We have no intention of turning the other cheek."

We called the Office of the Vice President and asked an unnamed senior official how State Department convinced Pelosi to accept this position.

Speaking on condition of anonymity he told us, "Our first choice was Rosie O'Donald, but she was too big for Warmie. Madeline Albright, Hillary and Barbara Boxer all turned it down. Schumer wanted five microphones and five transmitters.

"Pelosi worked it out as part of a plea bargain. We dropped the felony Logan Act violation and she took it. We had to do a recess appointment because we knew we could never get her confirmed by the Senate."

NASA plans to launch Warmie One on July 4th, 2007.

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Another troubling factor may play a role in the Truther movement is American Education. Since the late 1960s, Students are not to question the revisionist rot being peddled as history. They are taught what to think instead of how to think. Witness the Global Warming movement, the equating of Yassar Arafat with George Washington.

At Dartmouth in 1988, my son took a history of Jazz course taught by a tenured black professor. What was presented had nothing to do with music. It was rage against our oppressive white, male dominated culture.

The most frightening part of this story is that those surveyed have a vote.

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The public watch TV and read print media that are repleat with Anti-Bush stories. Those who get their news from "The View", "Oprah" and other pseudo news programs are force-fed this fiction daily. It is propaganda.

Few Americans have ever seen or used intelligence data. The President is not provided with raw data and asked to make his own conclusions. Intelligence professionals collect, analyze, confirm and summarize information into short presentations and documents.

Sources include government and private documents, news reports, speeches, trusted observers, military attaches, communications intercepts, imagery and more. There are always contradictions and the risk of disinformation. Clinton placed between CIA and FBI. Information may have all been there in Arabic. Intelligence is not remotely similar to the movies.

Did the Bush Administration have access to data which when analyzed could have uncovered the Hijack plot? Perhaps. Did they know Al Qaeda wanted to attack America? Probably. Did the DIA and CIA have observe increased chatter within Al Qaeda? Probably. Did an analyst provide the President, VP, SecState or NSA a paper saying that Arab terrorists were going to fly airliners into the Pentagon and World Trade Center? Absolutely not!

The United States is a very large target - 9,161,923 sq KM. What were their targeta? When would they strike? What weapons will they use?

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If Mr. Stoller enjoys paying taxes so much, he is welcome to pay mine anytime he wants.

Government is the only organization who provides mandatory services and makes forced capital investments at the expense of successful people. Some government services necessary - national defense, currency & legal system. Some capital investments can only be done by government - national parks, transportation and utility infrastructure.

In my view, the government has assumed a much larger role than is necessary. The private sector can provide most services much more efficiently than the government.

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Please to help me sir,

Since you believe Al Gore won US Presidency in 2000, we make you business propistion-

My name is Ruanda Strattlepig and my father Dr Herron Phire Strattlepig has been presented with an award of $200,000,000 US in a diamond mine here in Nigeria. All we need from you is your bank account number and PIN so that we can deposit all money in you bank account for being so kind to us.

Not to worry. We will keep all data secret.

The family Strattlepig

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Somewhere in our partially unpacked houshold goods is a framed cartoon entitled "Great Moments in the Foreign Policy of the Carter Administration".

One pane shows a smiling Jimmy in a Rough Rider uniform standing on a lock beneath the caption, "He kept the Erie Canal".

Another drawing showed two bored, portly men sitting at a wooden table with flies buzzing around them. "He sent Frank Church and Ted Kennedy to Cuba... but they came back."

Do you think we could get Assad to keep Nancy? There's always hope.

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When I was 11, I had an idea that I could use a 3" tetherball pole mounted in concrete inside a truck tire to throw me across the playground. My friend, Mike, pulled down the pole and I grabbed the top. He pushed it up and gravity took over. After the pole passed the vertical, it stopped and I did not. In a Wiley Coyote moment, I slid down with a large lump on my forehead.

Mike helped me stumble to the boys' bathroom where we wet down brown paper towels and applied them to my face to delay the swelling. About the time my teacher walked in, I saw my face in the mirror morphing from schoolboy to Neanderthal and began to laugh uncontrollably. The teacher thought my reaction might me trauma induced and asked my why I was laughing.

"I know what my father is going to ask me," I replied. Dad, a career naval officer, played football at Ga Tech, island hopped as a SeaBee in WWII and earned a magna cum Laude MBA at Harvard. "He's going to say, 'Did you learn anything?'"

At the polls yesterday, the Republican Party had their Wiley Coyote moment. My father's question still applies. Did they learn anything?

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