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gotta love the cognitive dissonance emanating from the Obama- can -never -do -any- wrong brown nosers like j harpo.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 18.06.2009 @ 16:21


Indubitably- give the Latina a complete pass because POTUS should choose those judges he wants and he WON. Of course you liberals were fine with the treatment of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas by the Judiciary committee. Teddy Kennedy was just so eloquent and truthful in his bork speech. And poor Anita Hill was indeed Thomas' sexual harrassment victim.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 28.05.2009 @ 07:41


7. not the Russian babushkas that look like Nina Khrushchev. I dated a Polish lass who was incandescent though. But many people think Thai women are the ultimate. It does seem that Venezuelans win the most Miss Universe contests.

Actually I know a Venezuelan ex-pat Zsusanna here who originated in Hungary too. Sometimes I have to wonder what political/media beauties like Helen Wood, Janet Reno and Madeline Albright looked like in their youths. The thought is enough to swear off thoughts of sex.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 2.05.2009 @ 17:32

Zsu Zsu is the Hungarian-born significant other. It is their version of Sue. Seems to me that those Eastern European women can be quite the lookers. I recall the host mentioning moving some time back.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 2.05.2009 @ 09:13


I wonder how liberals who are aghast at the prospects of a murderous terrorist scumwad being waterboarded have no such scruples about setting aside living, breathing suvivors of late term abortions to die alone without any assistance whatsover. Our dear President voted for that and has expressed being fine with the results. Of course you liberals also feel great compassion for the likes of an convicted heinous murderers such as Mumia. I guess you are of the same unquestionable moral certitude as Dukakis was with the possibility of his own wife being raped and going like on the assailant. Yes, let's empty the prisons since we know they are racist and society forces people to commit crimes and Guantanamo only breeds more terrorists. The US is pure evil and all those nations we've helped over the years are far superior in their laws and reforming of criminals.

Yes, talk "torture" while intelligence about future terrorist attacks dries up because 9/11 was a one off thing and blown all out of proportion by the evil VWRC. Waterboarding bad, but god forbid people can watch video of Americans leaping to their deaths on 9/11. Liberals sicken me.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 28.04.2009 @ 21:32


So FDR and HST allowing the US to incinerate perhaps 1,000,000 civilians in world war II is morally justified, but making the a very few islamofacists who cut off heads and blow up people is one big friggin' deal. Andrew Sullivan is against torture but some of his gay friends are quite down with some pretty painful homosexual practices. Yes, a shame that plotter of the 3000 American deaths was made to be uncomfortable. Have to wonder what any of you writing above, including the host would find ok if some of your loved ones were slaughtered by the ROP or held hostage and could be saved with info gained through waterboarding. As if one liberal lady would actually accept the deaths of her loved ones if "torturing" a cold-blooded murderer would prevent it. That's what she claims anyhow.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 25.04.2009 @ 12:51


So for some of the patriots above praising taxes and government, they are just fine with Obama's various tax cheats running the show, especially the Treasury Secretary? And have no problem with crooks like Franks and Dodd ripping off the system, taking bribes, getting sweetheart deals from banks, being unaware of male whorehouses being run underneath their feet?

Funny how Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick are patriots for amassing oodles of bucks from Fannie and Freddie, things we must pay taxes to bail out. But of course those two bozos should not have to give back their bonuses in excess of $100 mil in aggregate. And I guess fine we pay taxes to take over GM's UAW pension obligations in a surgical bankruptcy. Gotta protect those libtard blue collar voters, eh?

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 15.04.2009 @ 16:10


ah, class envy- ain't it swell. I see the otards here are down with whatever the north american version lite of little kim or hugo chavez. still wondering what the hell the voters saw in a the neophyte chicago way holier-than-thou assclown sitting in the oval office. Oh yeah, it was for a good teleprompter reader/mulatto to run the show. As George Soros ecstatically pulls strings and makes more billions. I'm sure ACORN will do a bang up job assisting/corrupting the census figures too and walmart will be happy to raise prices so union goons get their dues from the workers too fearful to tell unions to go f*** themselves.
The Iron Curtain worked so well under communism, eh clueless libtards on this board? And fatboy Moore thinks Cuban health care is so great he is moving there?

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 22.03.2009 @ 19:40


I am glad that revisionist history regarding the constitutional roles of the Executive branch and Legislative branch has been turned on its head by the dissembling libtards. Now I realize that Clinton and GW Bush were responsible for the fiscal responsibility of gummint budgets during their reigns. Gingrich's GOP majority did not subdue lib spending plans by Bubba and the lib Congress fought W tooth and nail to hold down federal spending, albeit in vain.
Congress isn't in charge of spending now??? Now, if GOP doesn't kiss O's/Nancy's and Harry's dupas it means they are obstructionist? Only Spector and the two rino bimbos from Maine are patriots and doing what America needs to survive and Obama is not trying to get the govt. to institute sweeping changes to our way of life? What a man, truly a Linclonesque magic negro. As if socialism works so well throughout history? Noam Chomsky for Potus.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 1.03.2009 @ 12:47

Some of us don't give a rat's asp what the duplicitous libtards think. The hypocrisy and euroweenie love on the left is appalling. It would be something else if they could ever admit their own moral failings. I'll take Rush and Coulter every day for the truths they espouse over the moronic rants of assclowns such as Olberdouche, Mikey Moore-Goebbels or Chrissie 'I squat-to-pee/wanna fellate Obama' Matthews.

As an aside I read that Jack and Renee will have some sort of romance NEXT season.

Conservatives will also vote with their pocketbooks when they can't afford to invest, hire people, spend so much or even donate generously to churches. Yeah, I know the host is atheist, but some churches do good social works. SOME- my experience is the Catholic church feathers its own nest and fundamentalist Christians are holier-than-thou phonies.

The host is ok since he loves cats and has his Zasu.

Comment Posted By aoibhneas On 1.03.2009 @ 09:33


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