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The timeline states that "in response" to Blanco's letter of Aug. 27 (requesting Emergency status backdated from Aug. 26 onward, detailing legalities and generalizing plans), Bush declares such an Emergency. I doubt the dating of the letter and wonder if its content are more for show than a genuine reflection of steps taken and specific requests made. More likely, but unverified, is that Bush declared an emergency in response to a phone call with Blanco and perhaps other verbal reports. After verbal agreement, the instruction to Bianco would be "get a request to us in writing" but the ball would start rolling immediately. Meanwhile a state lawyer/AG would review the letter for conformance with FEMA requirements and approve its release (after a day or so?).

Why am I being petty about this mere conjecture that the letter was back-dated? Well, it's more in tune to how things work, and affects the timeline of what was truly communicated.

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