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Scott said:...might want to get ur facts straight, he wsent cleared of the charges, there just wasent enough evidence against him to convict. NOT quite the same as being found not guilty ...and if he was innocent the why did he settle out of court for 20 million....the he was a freak so maybe he just wanted to give 20 million away for no reason.

Comment Posted By acidburn On 3.07.2009 @ 14:40

its terrible that we excuse the actions of this pedofile just cause he has talent...the freak was sick and we shouldn't praise that in the least!!!

Comment Posted By acidburn On 30.06.2009 @ 17:18

well micheal slithered his way out of being convicted of child molestation in court....but he's now where he's being judged again and can't buty his way out of this one....justice is being serverd and jackson will server in hell for it.....JUSTICE FINALLY SERVERD!!

Comment Posted By acidburn On 27.06.2009 @ 00:07



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