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OT: Rick, you should try to get on Pat Campbell's (540 WFLF, Orlando FL) show more often. Every six months or so is not enough to promote your blog.
And try to make Pat give out your URL on the air. Not just PJM...

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Rick; this post (linked via The American Thinker) is getting noticed.
The blogger Vanishing American has picked up on this and expanded upon it...

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I can't say I always agreed with Rev. Falwell. But there were two things that will be unforgettable to me.
First was 'Flynt vs. Falwell'. That was the Supreme Court ruling that allows me to call Michael Jackson a child molester and OJ Simspon a murderer without worry of a slander/defamation suit.
The other was when I saw him interviewing ''Dr. Laura'' and it became apparent that he was the only person who could have gotten her to admit that her TV show would likely be cancelled and the REAL reason why. 'Dr. Laura';''There is very little 'overlap' between my radio and TV audiences''. It took Rev. Falwell to get her to be honest. I lost all respect for her after that...

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I picked the Colts to win. And they did. 'nuff said.

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You forgot to mention that one of the greatest movies of all time was mostly filmed in Chicago. Hint: a police car driving through a shopping mall.
That said; Colts 31, Bears 17.

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I AM a Floridian.
Let me be the first to apoligize for voting for Martinez for US Senate.
Not long after he began his term as Senator I realized just how wrapped up in the cult of bush I was.
And it began to open my eyes as to what the bush administration was all about. The president did everything the D's could only imagine and then some:
Now the RNC has rubber-stamped the (formerly) GOP as THE LIBERAL ''Democrat-lite'' party.
The RNC have decided that REAL Americans 'HAVE WAY TOO MUCH FREEDOM' (think I'm kidding? Go to any airport and see for youself).
While at the same time 101 of ''our troops'' died in Oct. '06 to try to bring this bastardized ''freedom'' to a middle eastern 'nation' that cannot even understand what we are seeking to accomplish there...

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Thank you B.Poster. I also agree on your modifiction:
''The strategy we will employ will be simillar to the one suggested by “Your Image Here”, however, I predict some modifications to this. It is probably unrealistic to expect a full withdrawl. We will want to be flexible enough to respond, if terrorists should attempt to set up bases in the Iraqi areas we abandon. The mission will change to one that primarily uses special ops who will be based in Kurdish areas or possibly Kuwait. These forces will likely be backed up by air support.''.
You are correct in your position that full withdrawl is unrealistic. We will have to maintain much smaller forces in Kurdistan both for rapid-response needs (Shock and Awe AND LEAVE) and to serve as a buffer between (what will become likely) fully-independent Kurdistan and Turkey. The rest of Iraq will sort itself out on it's own terms. Without our interferance or our fellow Americans in it's crossfire. What will happen in ''shiastan'' and ''sunnistan'' after the removal of US forces from those areas? What is already occuring there, a bloodbath. It's why I refer to it as ''Lord of the flies'' made reality. I'm quite sure the artifical ''government of Iraq'' we celebrated with ''purple finger fever'' will quickly ceast to exist.
As in ''Lord of the flies'' the most brutal ''order bringer'' will rise to the top. That is how anarchy ALWAYS resolves itself. After it does the ''rebuilding of Iraq'' will procced. With ''the iraqi people'' doing it and not US.
From Hugh Fitzgerald:
''After a week or a month of celebration when the regime fell, the Iraqis reverted soon to type. They complained, they whined, they watched and watched as the Americans tried to get them to organize, tried to get them to cooperate with each other and not merely hold out their hands, pushing each other aside in order to claim more, more, more of the endless American funds and goodies, and never satisfied with what those American soldiers, risking their lives even to go from Point A to Point B, did for them. “But where’s the air-conditioning?” said a teacher to a stunned American soldier who had just proudly showed her the building he and his men had totally rebuilt and refurbished, and thought she would be pleased.''.
Think about that statement above. That's what ''winning the hearts and minds of the iraqi people'' has led to.
For over three years and thousands of fellow Americans dead ''winning the hearts and minds of the iraqi people'' has been an abject failure.
Train a unified Iraqi security apparatus to replace our forces? Also mostly unsuccessful. Why should ''the iraqi people'' do ''the heavy lifting'' to stablize their homeland when our forces are there to do it for them? Without our fellow Americans there ''the iraqi people'' will have no choice but to figure out what way of life they want for themselves. WITHOUT ''our help''.

Comment Posted By Your Image Here On 15.10.2006 @ 15:50

First I agree with you on CAIR (actual name HAMAS).
Our troops are facing the brig if they actully fight against muslims in Iraq. Which is precisely why the is no longer any good reason for them to stay there.
Nor is there any connection between capitalism and freedom. Look at China.
We have a Military that is designed for short-term highly effective strikes. (''Shock and Awe''). That is not effective for long-term use.
The comparison between 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' and post-WWII Germany and Japan is also mistaken.
We decimated Japan then ruled it with an iron fist.
We did not decimate Iraq nor ruled it with an iron fist. We were too busy ''winning the hearts and minds of the iraqi people''.
You seem to state our leaving Iraq as surrender.
It isn't. Nor is that my point. Our fantasy of ''westernizing'' Iraq is the problem. The proper way to deal with these threats is the use of Shock and Awe AND LEAVE whenever nessessary. What kind of government Iraq has is not our concern. We can't make muslims free not there nor here. Get our fellow Americans out of the way and allow ''the iraqi people'' to rip each other to shreds.
Let them waste their manpower and resources tearing each other apart. Instead of US wasting OUR manpower and resources in a futile effort to create ''freedom'' there. Muslims are unsuited for freedom ANYWHERE. Isolate them. Again, note Gaza the muslims there are phyically prevented from entry to Israel. And are turning their rage against one another.
It's a win-win for Israel, the muslims rip each other to shreds there and the IDF doesn't have to expend manpower and resources doing it themselves.
Iraq is a bloodbath, get our fellow Americans out the way and allow it to continue. That's Hugh Fitzgerald's point. Robert Spencer fully agrees with it and has stated so. It's also my point.

Comment Posted By Your Image Here On 15.10.2006 @ 12:46

''Never mind that the killing of infidels is part of their religion and that jihad is the requirement of every Muslim. Never mind that we saw Muslims marching in our own streets during the Israel/Lebanon conflict carrying signs with the Star and Crescent flying over the White House.''. From a comment above.
I'm quite aware of that. ''Thank God the colonists did not feel the way you do. We would be sending our taxes to London.''. From the same comment.
How do you propose to deal with the muslim colonists in OUR country? You acknowlege that is what they are. We CANNOT ''bring freedom'' to muslims. That is not what they want. What they want is the ''freedom'' to rule over non-muslims with an iron fist. Look throughout europe, that's exactly what they are doing.
Remember the so-called ''cartoon riots''? Remember that almost no newspaper or TV network would display those cartoons? Or in the case of CNN showed them 'blurred out'? True, many blogs (including my own) displayed them but most newspapers WERE AFRAID TO.
Why? Because they were afraid of violence by muslim colonists IN OUR COUNTRY.
Would we have allowed the construction of Japanese Shinto shrines in the US in 1942? IF NOT, WHY NOT?
Muslims REJECT freedom, they make that quite plain every day. So how can we ''bring freedom'' to a muslim country? Why are we wasting American (and British) lives and resources trying to ''westernize'' them while allowing muslims to colonize US?
That was ALSO the point of British Army Chief of Staff General Sir Richard Dannatt. After July 7th 2005 no sane Brit can legitimately conclude that British involvement in Iraq has done anything to make them safer. And our involvement in Iraq has done nothing to make US safer. Not with muslim colonists in our midst.
Our military has done it's job (reducing Iraq to ruins). Staying there in a futile attempt to ''nation-build'' a new Iraq is not their job.
We don't have the manpower or resources to ''commit'' to stabilize Iraq. Nor should we even try. Israel finally got it right, isolate the muslims and stand back and let them tear each other apart. See what is happening in Gaza now.
Go to Jihad Watch and read the writings of Hugh Fitzgerald. Use the propensity of violence that muslims clearly demonstrate as Jujitsu against them.
You are aware of what Jujitsu is are you not?
Use our enemies force as a tool to help defeat it.
It's why I advocate leaving Iraq. Just get our people out of the way and allow ''the iraqi people'' to rip each other to shreds. Which is EXACTLY what they are doing anyway with or without our help.
The purpose of The Military is NOT to be ''an international meals-on-wheels'' the purpose of The Military is ''to kill people and break things''.
Shock and Awe AND LEAVE. NOT Shock and Awe AND STAY.

Comment Posted By Your Image Here On 15.10.2006 @ 03:45

If by ''victory'' you mean a stable ''westernized'' Iraq, then yes, ''victory'' is impossible.
No matter how long we stay there.
I can accept remaining in Iraq until after the US elections. Then every last soldier in Iraq should be home for Thanksgiving dinner.
Iraq is ''Lord of the flies'' made reality. We need to get our troops out of that train wreck shortly after the US elections.

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