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So if these prisons do exist, wouldn’t McCarthy be a whistle blower, and not a leaker? If your rights were being taken away, and someone in the government thought that they could help you and make a difference by talking about illegal activities they thought to were being conducted to a journalist, how can we really fault her motivation? If peoples rights are being taken away as a guise under national security, wouldn’t you want to know?

A: How could she leek what wasn’t real? I believe that’s entrapment.

B: If the prisons are real, then how is she wrong to disclose the wrong doings of our country so that we as a populace may be given a chance to decide weather or not this is the direction we want to take our country?

C: why as the administration not denied that these prisons exist? Seems simple just to say they don’t exist. However if they said this then they are found, this could look badly on bush. If he knows they don’t exist, he looses nothing by setting the story strait.

Comment Posted By White-Wolf On 25.04.2006 @ 13:58



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