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I don't always agree with GB, he seems a bit of the drama queen and a little light on understanding the true foundation of Conservatism or Liberal/Libertarianism....but he has a lot of fans and on balance I think he is good for opening the voters minds as to the failure of our Federal Gov. Even though I voted for McCain, I tend to agree McCain would have been a different disaster than Obama and probably worse than even GWB in besmirching Cons. IMO, we got to survive Obama and I think the country will self right itself.

Comment Posted By WestWright On 22.09.2009 @ 13:33


Right on Freedoms Truth! Oh jeez not another whiner that can't see the obvious 'Racist!' tool used by the LEFT to bludgeon the weak willed Conservatives like Frum, Brooks and Moran. Rush, the most successful talk radio person in history was using parody to highlight the Left Media's hypocritical use of 'Racist' as a PC tool to shatter whiny Rinos and you fell for it. I for one certainly don't think that the Conservatives need these weak sisters mucking around with their tales between their legs. Just shutup and let those willing to do the hard lifting get the job done.

Your idea of "parody" is shockingly stupid and ignorant. Parody of what, exactly? Honest thinking? Intelligent analysis? The word, Mr. Potato Head, you are searching for with your debilitated and deflated brain is "sarcasm" or perhaps "satire." I'm not surprised that a mouth breather like you who wants me to leave with my "tale" between my legs (hard to do but I'll try to walk out the door with a story fixed between my knees) doesn't know the difference and couldn't give examples of any of those rhetorical/literary devices anyway.

And a little more of that "hard lifting" and people like you and Limbaugh are going to drive conservatism to destruction, thank you.

Why should I "shut up" and leave the fate of conservatism in the hands of mountebanks like Limbaugh and irrational, drooling children like you?


Comment Posted By WestWright On 17.09.2009 @ 13:22


Mikr Giles makes a point I agree with 100%: 'STOP worrying about what your enemies will think of you. No matter what, Liberals will ALWAYS think ALL Conservatives are a “bunch of kooks”.' I think you should stop comparing the passionate Conservative and anti-big Gov Moderates with the real KOOKs of the LEFT....the William Ayers/EcoTerrorist/ Cindy Sheehan Kooks....jeez get a clue, I am sick of these weak kneed Cruchy Cons, Frum, Parker, Moran, etc!

Comment Posted By WestWright On 17.09.2009 @ 13:33



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