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The perhaps crazy thing here is that it has generally seemed to me, as someone who's more left-of-center, that *liberals* have been a lot more willing to be critical of their own than conservatives. You cite Daily Kos and DU; I'd cite RedState and LGF. (I suspect either of us, if we dug, could find examples of self-criticism on either site, really, too, but the big-name group political blogs tend to by and large be echo chambers, I think.) Yet I recall many criticisms from the left of Clinton, for instance, and you'll find many Democrats out there currently who aren't exactly thrilled at the prospect of Hillary in 2008. (And many wondering why the hell we can't come up with somebody else, then. But I digress.)

I've come to suspect that perhaps *both* sides are more self-critical on the whole than we're willing to give one another credit for most of the time, because it tends to be the loudest people who attract the most attention from outside the circle. As squishy huggy feely stereotypically liberal as the idea may be, perhaps if both parties were a little more willing to both admit their own problems and to see the virtues in the other side's arguments, there'd be a lot less unnecessary vitriol out there. And personally, I would not complain overly much if Ann Coulter and Ted Rall were both pickled and shipped to Antarctica.

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