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Joyce, I'm not buying their attempted explaination. Jack was talking to Curtis, Bill and Audrey, not to the computer. All three of them hear him say and then repeat a phrase that has no meaning to them, but don't question it--even when he says it a third time later? Even by CTU's lousy operational standards, that's a stretch.

Comment Posted By Watchman On 17.01.2006 @ 23:09

"I'm in flank 2 position." I've loved this program for five years, and I've put up with a lot. I've willlingly suspended the logic centers of my brain to promote enjoyment. But this!?! The man says the same phrase THREE times and not a single person from CTU is the least bit curious about it? It takes a (hobbit) villager from outside to catch on to what Jack's doing? YEARRGH (to quote Howard Dean)

I understand continuity gaps. I understand magic technology that allows color-coded dots on a screen to tell us who the player are. I understand that the terrorists always have three more backup plans in place. I even understand the blankety-blank cougar. (Well mostly.) But this I do not understand.

Comment Posted By Watchman On 17.01.2006 @ 20:34



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