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#99 from JDM. Good points.

And for me the most amazing thing is that Obama does all this this 'stuff' in plain sight. It's like he's covered in Teflon, nothing sticks to him.

If any Republican candidate had a hidden logo on their website like this that subliminally appeared when you went from web page to web page.

Or more clearly looks like this

You know that the MSM would have a field day.

But with Obama. Nothing. Why?

For those who missed the details, look here

Comment Posted By Wary On 29.07.2008 @ 21:24

Even more creepy than O logo is the semi-hidden logo that you see briefly on Obama's website.
Try it.

Start here - you won't need to sign up really.
Then click on Spread or Read or Learn and you will see an image, for just a second.

Here's that image, that you only see for just a second

Here's a Free Republic thread on the semi-hidden logo.

Here's a clearer version of the subliminal logo here.

Per Free Republic thread..

"please, some of you, bring attention to the fact that Obama’s logo, as seen on his web site, shows an arrow or spear through the stars and stripes of the USA; the flag is depicted torn; an eagle is turned away from and is departing from over the flag symbol; a moon is rising over the USA stripes in a dark night; and above the frame, top right, the curve of the wings of an eagle are depicted from the rear, as it is seen lifting, to fly away.

Very, very creepy.

Comment Posted By Wary On 27.07.2008 @ 23:40



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