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"...I can’t recall “enemy” being used by the left in any other context except when referring to the President of the United States."

Here are some people on the left who do not shy away from using the term enemy in reference to Islamofascists.

Paul Berman. Terror and Liberalism.

Ian Buruma. Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies.

Oliver Kamm. Anti-Totalitarianism: The Left-wing Case for a Neoconservative Foreign Policy

They may not make as much noise as the moonbats but they do exist. Check this out:

Jeffrey Herf, "New Liberalism, Radical Islam, and the War in Iraq"

Robert Lieber on BBC Radio, "Pullout from Iraq Would be Disaster"

Paul Berman defends the term "Islamofascism", as does Fouad Adjami

Judith Miller, Good news from Iraq: An interview with Kurdish President

William Shawcross, "Deny the Islamists a Victory"

Zaid Al-Ali, "Saving Iraq": A Critique of Peter W. Galbraith" and Iraq Partition Plans

Roger Scruton, "The Great Hole of History"

Kanan Makiya, "Iraq: Overthrowing Hussein Was Right"

Brian Brivati, "A Victim-centred Foreign Policy"

Russell Berman, "Khatami, Again: From Harvard to St. Andrews"

Norman Geras, "Liberal Debacle"

Fred Halliday, "The Left and the Jihad"

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