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Dale (the idiot) in Atlanta: I suppose we will just have to wait and see who is evil and who is not. But it is you, and I don't accept your stupidity in place of an apology.

I can't quite place the source of your hostility, though. Perhaps your redneck military daddy convinced you that, despite all rational evidence to the contrary, the ultimate justice lies in being a redneck militarist who is afraid of the truth, and the dissonance between those lessons and objective reality is too great and it causes you to lash out at those who call attention to American evil.

Anywho ... I give up on trying to dialogue with Americans. Those of you who are not stupid/ignorant are either powerless or evil. Your country is a write-off.

Comment Posted By Vox Populi Cosmicum On 5.10.2006 @ 13:57

Whoa - alive for 52 years?! You are undoubtedly the wisest person ever to live. My humility in your presence will surely silence me.

My apologies. I am feeling charitable today and thought I might try and reach out. You are, after all, fellow human beings, and I would rather forgive and befriend you than watch you suffer. But it is your choice to denigrate me and ignore reality.

Comment Posted By Vox Populi Cosmicum On 28.09.2006 @ 17:05

Quite a nonsensical post, really ... but, I suppose, one that is at least consistent with the worldview to which many Americans subscribe.

Before you write me off and dismiss the remainder of my response, please know that I honestly mean this post my warning that America does not truly understand the state of the world as it exists outside of US borders. As a result, we are all in danger.

If you honestly believe in justice and humanity, you should at least know that you (i.e. the citizens of the USA) are being given one last chance to take responsibility for your government. The world is angry at your county because of the acts of its elites. At the same time, the ruinous economic decisions of those same elites have left the US financially and socially vulnerable to the whims of those outside its borders. Your best chance to avoid extreme social turbulence is to learn to get along with the rest of the world, but you have only a few months to implement the electoral decisions and begin the legal process that will quell the world's anger.

The charade is over, fellas. The US has been found a paper tiger, yet again, and you can bray all you want but the UN is America's best chance at self-preservation as its own relative power declines. They are, after all, your rules: if you can't live within them, you ought not to have made them.

Your country cannot suspend its disbelief in reality for much longer; the world has awakened and your denial will no longer halt its progress. The greed and mismanagement of your leadership will bear its fruit in the coming years. The question is, just exactly how bitter (or radioactive) will that fruit be?

The people of the world are increasingly impatient to achieve their own freedom, and it looks less and less likely that their version of freedom will be consistent with continued American hegemony as it is currently manifested.

As for more pre-emptive war: aside from any question of its morality (the lack of which is beyond doubt), your military is now painted into a corner by unfavourable conditions (i.e. no U.S. draft) and unfavourable tactics (i.e. guerilla warfare against an inexhaustible supply of fighters). Now, the only chance of "victory" against your declared enemies (e.g. in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine and Iraq, as well as Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba ... you get the point) is Dick Cheney's unthinkable "nuclear option".

Your conventional warmaking ability is vast but outmoded, like the proverbial knife-at-a-gunfight. (As an aside, I believe the immorality factor would mean that ANY future pre-emptive attack would invite an exponential increase in the locus, variety and profile of self-declared "enemies of America".)

In sum, your shortsightedness and arrogance have eliminated your capacity to wage war other than by cowardly and genocidal annihilation of "your enemies", just as your hubris has, thus far, needlessly prevented you from strategic retreat.

Despite the rhetoric of chickenhawks, not even the vastly ignorant American public would support a government that launched a nuclear strike on Iran or anywhere else, and any offensive falling short of such annihilation would mean endless war. We can all only hope that the armageddon wing of the chickenhawk party isn't already well-roosted around the big red button.

So ... by all means enjoy your delusions of comfort and superiority for a while longer, but know that you are doing so in the face of warnings, like this one, that the world will hold you (i.e. the citizens of the US) responsible if you again fail to adquately supervise the acts of your elected representatives.

Wake up and smell the sulfur, and then bury these dangerous fascists in ballots, subpeonas and indictments (in any order that pleases You and removes Them). Contrary to the world's usual outrage on the subject, I am quite sure there would be neither hue nor cry if you were to excercise the death penalty for the crimes of this administration.

Comment Posted By Vox Populi Cosmicum On 28.09.2006 @ 16:10



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