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Fred denies the rumors, but his appearance and 'gusto' speaks for itself. Freddy certainly isn't readdy!!

He may just just have to re-consider his membership in SAG. But who knows, with identity problem in the GOP, someone could still apply some oxygen-- and his engine could start humming again. Not hopeful on that!!

Comment Posted By Vee On 3.01.2008 @ 13:19


I thought Fred would join the horse race and kick asses, I alas, just not yet! Must say I am awfully disappointed in by is lack-luster campaign, so far.

He created so much excitement in the beginning, for us 'political groupies' the thrill is gone. Now, who are new kids on the block--Huckabee and McCain.

I am waiting for this open race among the GOP to tighen up; until then-- although I hate to say it-- the oars are missing from Fred's boat. And that is really, really, too bad for someone who had so much promise.

As the cliche goes-- Fred is dead in the water-- until her proves otherwise!!

Comment Posted By Vee On 29.12.2007 @ 02:51



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