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But Obama’s got the muscle to do pretty much anything he pleases. And that includes holding a gun to the head of Chrysler and making them an offer they can’t refuse.

This is based on the premise that Obama wants to do what is right.

I believe Obama uses his power exactly how he wants to.

Comment Posted By Val Prieto On 21.05.2009 @ 11:07


"Racism" has always been part of the liberal boilerplate. A few years back, I was having a political discussion with a very good, liberal democrat friend of mine and, since I am of Cuban descent and republican he stated, ironically:

"I dont get it. You come here with your brown skin and you associate yourselves with racists."

Kettle, meet pot.

More a consequence of identity politics where they cannot reconcile that all dark skinned people are always right with the fact that you are associating with people who they see as always wrong.

No doubt they blew a circuit trying to figure you out...


Comment Posted By Val Prieto On 4.08.2008 @ 13:51



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