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Terrye. There is a very good reason why the baseline death rate in Iraq should be lower than Europe -- the age of the population is also much lower.

In England in 2005, 16% of the population was aged 65+. 83% of all deaths occured in this group which is a rate of 49.5 per 1000. The overall death rate for all ages was 9.6 per 1000.

In Iraq, only 3% of the population is aged 65+. If just 3% of the English population was 65+, the overall death rate would be 2.1 per 1000. So by comparison, a death rate of 5.5 per 1000 in Iraq seems to be reasonable or even on the high side.

You could have figured this out for yourself if you had considered for a moment before crying "bogus". Thinking before commenting might someday save you from looking like an idiot too!

Comment Posted By Tortoise On 12.10.2006 @ 13:42

Oh dear, Doyle (and others). Never mind your version of the math. Why not start by reading the words first? The 655,000 is the number of EXCESS deaths over the 1200 day period, not the total number of deaths.

It's telling that you would launch into your debunking attempt without actually thinking through the study properly. Whether you believe their conclusion or not, you must take the time to understand what the number signifies and how it was calculated before you can start to find fault with it.

Comment Posted By Tortoise On 12.10.2006 @ 03:36



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