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Ooops!, Sorry about that, I got my politcians mixed up and didn't catch it before I hit the send button. In my defense, I've been arguing with the grand-kids about bed-time while trying to read and post. This appears to be a very intresting and thought-provoking site-glad I found it!

Comment Posted By Toolman On 6.03.2005 @ 00:35

IMO, Lincoln pretty well single-handedly started the civil war by his executive decision to FORCE the southern states to remain in the "union". It always struck me as ironic that we fled British rule to avoid that type of treatment. The U.S. was founded on the basic premise of individual freedoms but almost immediately started taking them away-and we allowed it to happen in the name of "being civilized". As an aside, I also have a problem with MLK Day-why do we honor a man known to frequent prostitutes and associate with the communist party? My opinion is that any and all political figures should be judged first and foremost on their public AND private integrity!

Comment Posted By Toolman On 6.03.2005 @ 00:27



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