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2. Handgun bans are fine anyway because citizens can use a “shotgun” to “protect themselves – even though I would have a hard time fitting a shotgun in my nightstand (no children in the house) not to mention spraying the house with buckshot if I was ever forced into using it thus endangering a loved one.

No, a shotgun (no sneer quotes) won't fit in the nightstand. It will fit nicely behind the closet door or under the bed. Also, when loaded with birdshot, it's much safer than a handgun. Would you shoot a handgun in a room with a loved one near by? If so, you're either a crack shot, a fool or both.

A shotgun can take down a bad guy without the necessity to have to aim carefully. In the heat of the moment, it's point and shoot. Also, the shot won't make it through two layers of wallboard to kill a child or wife in the next room, or a neighbor in the next house.

The only problem you have with a shotgun is cleanup. It makes a real mess. The added bonus is that the sound of a shotgun slide racking is the most frightening sound a burglar can hear, so if you rack the slide, and wait a couple minutes, you may not even have to confront the bad guy.

Comment Posted By Tony On 7.07.2008 @ 14:41


We treat our own servicemen going through resistence training worse than any of these detainees have been treated. Torture is what the NVC did, what the Nazi's did, what Saddam did, not what was done by the US in this war.

Wise up. The future enemies of this country are watching to see how weak we really are.

If you define torture as "treatment too severe to be done to bad people but ok to be done in the training of our own pilots," you should find a more appropriate word.

Comment Posted By tony On 10.04.2008 @ 11:24


I believe that Spitzer's mistake should be treated with every ounce of mercy that Martha Stewart's mistake was treated by him.

Comment Posted By Tony On 11.03.2008 @ 12:30


McCarthy’s reference to a “bedrock guarantee of freedom of conscience” is, in fact, the essence of conservatism.

Oh, that's nice. And how is one's conscience informed? So basically whatever one wants to do to whoever they want to do it to is fine and dandy.

"Conscience" implies some objective moral training. Those who have no objective moral training can use "conscience" to justify anything. And a sociopath, without any conscience at all is not constrained at all by the "essence of conservatism".

Count me out.

Comment Posted By Tony On 24.01.2008 @ 09:33


Now that's funny! It filters out exclamation points? :)

Comment Posted By Tony On 27.10.2007 @ 15:23

Hey!!! What's this??!?!? It's a leash? And it's SHORT!!! Hey!!! Let me go!!!

Comment Posted By Tony On 27.10.2007 @ 15:22



Could I have permission to reprint this with attribution on

Comment Posted By Tony On 23.08.2007 @ 12:45


"Go ahead... make my day" -- Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry.

"By saying that everyone is special, you're saying nobody is" -- Dash, The Incredibles.

"Don't eat that, trust me." -- Christopher Walken, Prophecy II (in reference to a scrawny tree with apples on it outside the gates of what used to be the Garden of Eden)

"Fatty food can kill me, a mugger can kill me, you're not so special down here, 'Jones'" -- Christopher Walken, Prophecy III.

Comment Posted By Tony On 22.08.2007 @ 13:17


The article is good in the sense that you compel everyone to just get along. You are correct in saying that regardless of the talking heads people will still suffer and it is those people that need our help now. I disagree with the statement that God is not to blame however. As a believer, I have to assume that an all-powerful God allowed this disaster to occur and happily takes any and all blame for the results. My God was not taken by suprise by this hurricane. I have to believe that there was a higher purpose as to why this happened and I also have to believe that it may not be in His will for me to ever know what that purpose was. Once again, great post, very thought provoking.

Comment Posted By Tony On 6.09.2005 @ 19:52


Actually, Hariri did say in an interview with the WaPo that he will disarm Hizbullah. Also, Jumblat's close ally, and his party's MP, Ghazi Aridi, has said that Hizbullah cannot remain armed indefinitely. The problem is the mechanism to do that. Also, Hizbullah's will continue to maneuver to prevent that. Let's see what happens.

Comment Posted By Tony On 3.06.2005 @ 12:32



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