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So TomB, I share your frustrations. Believe me, I do. But give this time and it will go the way of the aliens who helped build the pyramids and the lost power source from the lost continent of Atlantis sucking us into the depths.

Thanks Steve, but as someone pointed out above, we do this not so much for the benefit of the CTer, but for the others reading the thread (if there is anybody left) who may have doubts. And IMHO, after reading this thread, I'm pretty sure that anybody with legit questions will come down firmly on our side.

Yes, it will fade, but it will linger. I post to some sites that are still debating the Apollo landings, believe it or not. The only way to keep silly conspiracy theories at the fringe is to continue to swat them away as they arise.

Comment Posted By TomB On 30.08.2007 @ 10:47

CMM, you are purposely ignoring my questions while you play the martyr. Every post you make is exactly the same, a plea for civility while spouting your own conspiracy. There have been specific comments that, if you were an architect, you would have no problem answering.

Why not start with troll feeder's post #324

Comment Posted By TomB On 30.08.2007 @ 05:30

I don’t really care if the truth is ignored by the truthers. This documentary is very important because it addresses, or rather, undresses the truthers in front of everyone else. Whether or not they believe they are naked is of no consequence.

Dan, if I may shorten that for you, taking into consideration the microsecond attention span of the average truther:

"Truthers, we aren't laughing with you, we're laughing at you."

Comment Posted By TomB On 29.08.2007 @ 20:36

To collapse a building in a precise and exact way requires weeks or months of planning and weeks of installation. However, if you are not quite so interested in the exact nature of a drop it can be done much more quickly and easily. If I was to drop a large building that was already under stress I would simply place a very large amount of high explosives in an elevator shaft and shatter the core. It is inelegant, clumsy and poorly done but it would cause a massive failure. The shattering of the core would allow the floors to drop and, as someone said before, gravity, gravity, gravity.

Uh, I hate to break it to you, but you just argued against a conspiracy and for what actually happened. Those planes, travelling at 500 mph packed with tons of fuel, are exactly what you described. A bomb shattering the core of the buinding.

Comment Posted By TomB On 29.08.2007 @ 11:04

The same arguments, the same positions and no one listening or even considering anyone else’s point of view.

Oh, I've listened to the "other" point of view, and I categorically reject it. There is absolutely no way that it would be possible to wire three skyscrapers, two of them 110 stories, to collapse as they did. It would also be impossible for the charges immediately below the site of impact, if they had been able to place them, to survive the intital explosion and properly detonate. It would further be impossible to know where to detonate the charges starting at the floor below the impact, because they didn't know exactly where the planes were going to crash.

The theory is completely and utterly impossible. And I have yet to see one person even try to put all the pieces together. All I get is what I got in this thread, lies. "Bush's brother was head of security!" "They closed down and evacuated both towers the weekend before!"

Instead of stifling debate why not try answering each part of this puzzle intelligently and as completely as possible.

Which "part of the puzzle" do you think needs answering?

Comment Posted By TomB On 28.08.2007 @ 19:23

There is now an article on the site that DOES attack the errors and distortions from the program itself, and it is demonstrative and undeniable.

Yep, just like all the CT "evidence" on this thread.

Which version of Loose Change are they up to now? I recall people telling me their first version was "demonstrative and undeniable".


Guess not.

You people here really do belong in a nuthouse. Enjoy your police state…

I don't live in Canada.

Comment Posted By TomB On 27.08.2007 @ 18:28

War is peace in many peoples eyes, ignorance is strength, Freedom is slavery.

Fire can't weaken steel.

We've already heard it.

Comment Posted By TomB On 27.08.2007 @ 05:21

As far as secrets go, didn’t they build a complete functional city to test the A-Bomb on? I think I saw that on the history channel.

No Jimmy, that would be Los Alamos, the "city" where they built the bomb.

Watergate, Deep Throat, the Manhattan Project and numerous other things were kept secret until someone eventually talked or simply slipped up.

Deep Throat was Watergate, he was the one who talked. And it broke not long after it happened.

And as far as the Manhattan Project goes, when Truman was at Potsdam, he was informed of the successful Trinity test. As a courtesy, he told both Churchill and Stalin. Stalin did not react. He had been informed of the successful test by his spies before Truman!

So much for government secrets in a (relatively) free society.

Comment Posted By TomB On 26.08.2007 @ 15:31

Another nail in Hans' coffin:

"Although Dr. Quintiere was strongly critical of NIST’s conclusions and its investigatory process, he made it clear he was not a supporter of theories that the Twin Towers were brought down by pre-planted explosives. “If you go to World Trade Center One, nine minutes before its collapse, there was a line of smoke that puffed out. This is one of the basis of the ‘conspiracy theories’ that says the smoke puffing out all around the building is due to somebody setting off an explosive charge. Well, I think, more likely, it’s one of the floors falling down.”

So Hans, are you going to change your mind about explosives bringing down the towers now that your expert tells you so?

Comment Posted By TomB On 26.08.2007 @ 14:57

It’s incomprehensible these people can quietly accept this LIHOP/MIHOP garbage, much less parrot it all over the internet seemingly without a thought,

As I was spending my 2 minutes "researching" the Dr. Quintiere quote, I came across numerous websites that had the exact wording, some even used the same title. In another case, a person posted the entire article, including the part where he states his questions come not from conspiracy, but from fireproofing, and he doesn't even notice.

I don't think it's willful ignorance, I think they're intellectually lazy. But at some point it must become willful.

Comment Posted By TomB On 26.08.2007 @ 14:51

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