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Hey Busboy, it's not hard to figure out. When dealing with partisan politics try to use a healthy dose of skepticism.

If Michelle Malkin were writing a book scheduled to come out in the fall of an election year with the premise of how crazy Democrats are;and lets say she commissioned a poll by Fox News which just happens to pretty much support all of the stereotypes the right thinks of the left, would you and Rick be saying,'yea, that sounds about right'. I doubt it.

Remember this was linked in from the Huffington Post, so consider the source for Rick's analysis. I could not find the story linked at WSJ, Real Clear Politics or other mainstream web sites - not even Drudge (let me know if it was). I read about the book thing at National Review Online, not a dishonest source.

Again, why didn't they poll conservatives or Tea Party members, or for that matter registered Republicans? No they went for "self-identified Republicans", why is that?

The big name polling firms dig a little deeper with their questioning to confirm if the interviewee is a likely voter, registered voter, Republican, Democrat, etc.? They need this information to verify their results. What was the methodology used by R2000 - the Huffington Post does not say, until then I remain a skeptic.

I don't trust R2000 or any newspaper/TV poll (including Fox News). If you want to get an idea where the country is headed go to and read the averages. Other then that they all have agendas.

Busboy, please continue down your merry path believing everything that comes out of the Huffingtom Post, or from the Daily Kos for that matter. But for me, as Dylan said; 'you don't need a weather vain to know which way the wind blows'.

Comment Posted By Tom On 4.02.2010 @ 12:20

You start with the premise that Research 2000/Daily Kos entered into a poll about what 'Republicans believe' with the best of intentions.

Then here's your set up sentence: "The problem with being associated with a party made up of very large numbers of kooks, loons, paranoids, nitwits, and ignorant twits is...." (wow, the right is really whacked out)

And then you state: "One bring spot; Only 42% of Republicans believe, or aren’t sure, if their state should secede from the union".

Who exactly is ignorant here? do you really believe that 42% of "Republicans" believe this? Of course this is push polled if not flat out misrepresented.

Why did they poll Republicans and not 'conservatives' to get these result?

Fact (do some research): Kos is writing a book about how crazy the "Birther" Republicans are and he commissioned the poll to support his position. Of course the finding where going to give him just what he wanted - it had to fit his premise.

I generally have a hard time reading this site because you always fall for this crap and it ends up showing how difficult it seems for you in finding your 'principled' political position. So confused.

Comment Posted By Tom On 3.02.2010 @ 23:03


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Comment Posted By tom On 25.08.2009 @ 20:05


Mr. Rick,

You sir, obviously haven't done much reading of some of these proposals floating around or seen the backgrounds of those warped individuals helping to write the "plan".

Many people in Germany were told they were going to the shower, remember.

Don't worry about Ms. Palin. I think what she said is right on the mark and I believe she'll be able to stand on her own much better without someone else proving her direction.

Check out her latest post and maybe it'll clear things up for you just a bit.

Comment Posted By tom On 8.08.2009 @ 18:31


I would be more convinced of their sincerity, if their every scream and shout was not scripted by a health care lobbyist.
Just as extreme lefties (SDS and others) used violence, the right has used violence like bombing abortion clinics and killing abortion doctors.
The brown shirts in Germany used to disrupt meetings, then after the meetings broke up, they would attack and beat the meeting attendees out in the streets.
It's practically American tradition that politicians get shouted down. That's been going on since before we were a United States.
It was sad to see that some of the people who want a change in health care, but don't like, or trust what Congress is doing, were also shouted down when they asked questions.
Leaders on the right need to tamp this behavior down, if the left reacts to their behavior with the same kind of behavior, then real widespread violence could escalate.

"I would be more convinced of their sincerity, if their every scream and shout was not scripted by a health care lobbyist."

Well, that's a great big steaming pile of bullshit now, isn't it?

Oh - and I have a simple rule here. Anyone who equates a fellow American with a Nazi gets banned - goodbye.


Comment Posted By Tom On 4.08.2009 @ 14:44


Conservatism is a joke. Just reading the comments on Hot, which linked to this article, proves that Republicans are absolutely hypocritical when it comes to "cults".

All we ever heard during the campaign was how Obama voters were supposedly a "cult". Cult, my ass. The only political cults today are the conservative commentator cults, such as that of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who can do no wrong.

You guys are a joke. The Democratic Party controls Congress, the White House, most state legislatures and governors' mansions.

What do you have? Fox News. ROFL.


To actually have the stupidity to annoint yourself the judge of whether I or anyone on this thread has been "pwned" says more about your enormously inflated opinion of your own abilities than it does about anything that you've actually written - which is about as ignorant a comment ever left here.


Comment Posted By Tom On 8.04.2009 @ 11:12


“Perhaps we should have started with a “Tea Party” at 1 rockefeller plaza in NYC and let Ann Curry and Al Roker do their newscast while trying to ignore us…..”

I don't think that Ann Curry and Al Roker would have much trouble ignoring a couple dozen people.

Comment Posted By Tom On 28.02.2009 @ 11:41

Oh, I also love that tired excuse about how conservatives couldn't attend the Tea Parties today because they were at work. Apparently conservatives don't eat lunch, because it's not as if these Tea Parties were being held between such hours as 9-10 a.m. or 2-3 p.m. Nope, the Tea Parties were held over the lunch hour. Yet still nobody attended.

Comment Posted By Tom On 28.02.2009 @ 01:54

Some of the comments here are hysterical. I got a good chuckle out of those who are perplexed as to why the MSM didn't cover these Tea Parties. Here's an example why: the Houston metro area boasts a population of 5.6 million. On a gorgeous, 80+ degree Friday afternoon, a grand total of 500 people showed up to the Houston Tea Party. Contrast that number to last Saturday, when 8 times the number of people (almost 4,000) showed up to watch the University of Houston play East Carolina University in a matchup of college basketball "powerhouses." One shouldn't expect the MSM to cover an event when no one bothers to show up to attend it.

Comment Posted By Tom On 28.02.2009 @ 01:33


It's interesting that Geithner called infrastructure spending a "blunt instrument." Didn't Obama criticize McCain during the debates for suggesting across-the-board spending cuts because that was a "blunt instrument?" And then said he would go through spending bills line by line, with a scalpel?

Comment Posted By Tom On 7.02.2009 @ 12:39

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