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The Clintons have never been part of the Left Wing Nut House. What's refreshing to me about both of the Clintons is that they sincerely like America. Now, the far left in America despises middle America and America as such as capitalist, imperialist, etc. The Clintons, on the other hand, are typical middle Americans - and you can tell they really like America and other Americans. For me, Bill Clinton deserves recognition from everyone in the free world - because when the time came, he did the right thing in Bosnia, and again in Kosovo. As a typical neo-con, that is, a long-time Democrat mugged by reality, I voted for Bush this time (the most satisfying vote I ever cast), but the Democratic Leadership Council is still on my list of people who can be dealt with, and possibly even voted for.

Comment Posted By Todd Hammond On 4.12.2005 @ 04:37



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