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"He got elected." WRONG! The People ELECTED him. The GOP needs to realize that 54% of THE PEOPLE elected him. He wasn't installed, he didn't pull a fast one--he was DEMOCRATICALLY VOTED into office.

"You obviously are an Obama partisan..." Nope. I wanted another of the Dem candidates and I don't belong to the Dem party. I've sent several messages of concern and disagreement to the WH on specific policies.

Only in America would people be complaining that their democratically elected president won one of the most prestigious awards on the planet in a recognition of a new direction that is perceived to be positive for the world.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 19:16

Well thought-out comment, John.

I have a serious question, and I hope I get serious replies which foster dialog (i.e., not aggressive and snarky). What has this man done to you all that is so terrible? Why do so many on the right hate him so intensely? I don't want to hear about what he might do, or what Congress is doing that you don't like. What has Barack Obama DONE to bring on such severe vitriol?

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 13:43

Wow, Mike--with or without the prize, he has stated that he wants to bring the wars to a close. These wars have cost us dearly, and we'll be paying the many prices for years and years to come.

"The intent is to prevent the United States from conducting foreign policy in its own interest. Having been prophesized now as the great leader, the one who is to bring peace to the world, how can he now wage war?"

Are you saying now that it's really an anti-American conspiracy? Nobody "prophesized" him as anything, and nobody (certainly not the Nobel group) has said he's bringing peace to the world. Did you read the Nobel statement? It's all there--pretty straight-forward stuff. Are there people here who actually oppose peace?

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 13:06

"What we do has enormous impact on the rest of the world and it’s hardly surprising or even wrong that they would attempt to pacify or guide or entice the 800 pound gorilla."

True. Moreover, the US butts into other countries' domestic affairs all the time. The world has a vested interest in our becoming a peaceful, productive member of the international community rather than working against it. It's also in OUR interest to play a leadership role that is seen as cooperative and engaging with other nations rather than aggressive or bullying. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to shape international policy in a direction that brings TRUE security to the US and inspires other nations to work with us toward a mutually beneficial future.

I honestly don't understand why the GOP sees this as negative. It was a prestigious acknowledgement of American leadership and diplomacy. I truly hope this will be even more of a catalyst for bringing our military conflicts to an end and working with the nations of the world to prevent the repeated nightmares humans bring upon themselves time and time again. Ok "ed.," commence with the name calling, I'm so stupid, etc.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 13:00


Doug, part of keeping our nation safe is having the world WITH us. The world was definitely not with us this time last year. He also does have a majority approval rating domestically too. I have every confidence he's working hard. I truly do not agree with everything he does and I send respectful letters of disagreement to the WH when I don't.

This is a wonderful honor for ALL Americans (even the haters), and Obama's brief speech about his having won really credited the country than himself.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 23:18

Brooks, the Nobel Prize Committee itself declared that he has accomplished something quite remarkable in a short amount of time: He has changed the direction of the poisonous diplomatic discourse in many areas and has ACTIVELY worked toward bring people together. We went from being one of the most hated countries on the planet to being most-admired and having a NPP laureate in the WH.

I agree with Rep. Grayson 2 days ago when he said that if Obama cured world hunger, he'd be slammed by the GOP for adding to over-population, and if he helped usher in world peace he'd be accused of destroying the defense industry. The guy CANNOT do ANYTHING the Right will EVER accept.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 19:27

"You have to be brain dead not to realize that Obama doesn’t give a damn about preserving our Union, he’s actively out to destroy it." Que?? Isn't it Rick Perry and Todd Palin and others who endorse secession? What's he going to tear it into? Also, how is he a "treasonous murderer?" That's quite the label.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 12:02

My answers:

1) It's unlikely that will help
2) N. Korea is returning to talks and Iran/US are engaging in negotiations for the 1st time in 30 years
3) I certainly hope so!!!
4) He's not doing that, although he did get a pledge from Russia to work together on this issue.
5) In what way? Our military effectiveness has been reduced already by sending our guys into wars with no strategy for success.

The GOP is already on the fringe and is damaging the country. We need a center-right party.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 11:25

I do think though that the upside of the GOP's negative reaction to this is that they'll turn off so many centrist people that they'll be out of power for a long time. During that time, hopefully a true center-right party will emerge and the GOP will sit on the fringe where it belongs.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 10:55

Here ya go brooks:

By the way, I didn't compare his critics to terrorists, I said they had the same reaction. Translation: The GOP and these groups hate Obama out of ideology.

Comment Posted By Todd On 9.10.2009 @ 10:53

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