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If conservatives want to retain control of the Republican party we have to assert ourselves. President Bush has given us plenty of lip-service, but has, by and large, failed to deliver a conservative agenda. Perhaps his largest promise was to put a strong originalist on the Court-then he first nominates a stealth candidate (Roberts) who has been around the beltway for 30 years but nobody knows his views, then he nominates his personal attorney who happened to be endorsed by Harry Reid, and who appears to have been a moderate Democrat.

We have absolutely no reason to believe that Harriet Miers will be, and will CONTINUE to be, what the President claims. She most admires Warren Burger, she displays a love of collegiality (according to Frum), she donated money to Democrats and is well like by them, and she was allegedly pushed by moderate Andrew Card. Why should we think she will be anything other than an easily influenced moderate-especially since Roberts will be new on the Court so the ``in group`` will be the liberals?

Rick, the Bush presidency is a means, not an end. If the Republican party is being undone, it is Bush who is undoing it by trying to force it to the center. We have a right and a duty to fight this fabian liberalism, and we are doing a disservice to our movement if we roll over yet again for a country club republican who used us to get elected.

So what if Bush is weakened? HE`S NOT RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION! He has made little effort to advance our agenda anyway. We have to consolidate control of our party. If we continue to allow the centrist drift we will certainly end up with a Rino like McCain.

I agree; the President will not withdraw this nomination. In the end, we have most certainly lost because we are either stuck with a moderate on the court or we will have to oppose her confirmation. This damage was done BY THE PRESIDENT. HE chose to break his word, or at least leave us hanging at a time he could ill-afford it.

Comment Posted By Timothy Birdnow On 11.10.2005 @ 14:27



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