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The same leftist myopia can be said of Roosevelt declaring war on Germany after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in 1941. In their same arguments here we should not of course have declared war on Germany since they didn't attack us, Japan did. In fact we according to their argument, we should have allowed Hitler to come to Hawaii and lay a wreath instead. This is the 'nuance' of of the left and is so dementedly enshrined into the likes of John Kerry. They just don't get it and never will.

Comment Posted By Tim McFall On 21.09.2007 @ 20:06

24 'TILL "24"

!. I believe that Walt Cummings is the mole. As the political adviser to President Logan he is in the unique position as a trusted aide to waver Logan on critical decisions at critical times.

2. The nuke will be detonated in the atmosphere off the East coast after Jack, while not able to prevent its launch does change its direction.

3. Paul is dead.

Comment Posted By Tim McFall On 9.05.2005 @ 13:31



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