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The Democratic party has for many years used a strategy of marginalizing their opponents by giving them a name meant to demean. They have characterized their opponents this way and then let the term go viral, as it gains strength through media mentions and Internet buzz. The word 'birthers' was designed for this purpose. Few people mention that a life-long Democratic politician first brought the question of the president's place of birth to light. There has never been a legitimate, bonafide answer to the question. People who ask this question are not conspiracy theory nuts. They are being mischaracterized. Those who believe that the Bush administration blew up the twin towers have no basis for their claims. Those wondering about all the fuzzy evidence surrounding the birthplace question have a legitimate concern. Labeling them as 'birthers' is part of a strategy. Those who have adopted it may not even know that they are part of something resembling a conspiracy in technical terms more so than the people asking the birthplace questions.

Comment Posted By Tim On 24.12.2009 @ 00:37


Wow. The reaction to this post warms my heart. The hackery that Rick uses to fit the pre-conceived republican meme is so blatant, the only thing you can say is Rick does it a little better than most. Absolute dishonesty with reasoning tailored and crafted to fit the same opinion being belched up by every other right-wing hack with a blog or a microphone. No concern how damaging it is to our security to have KBT contractors picking off civilians, no concern for the security of millions of uninsured Americans right here at home. No concern whatsoever for women who raped while trying to do their jobs in Iraq.

Just a laser-focused hatred for our president and an unending arsenal of false outrage always at the ready to fire off when the so-called opportunity presents itself...

Yeah sure, Rick. Let's allow the fear of terrorists to dictate how we administer justice in America....Sure.

Glad you're not in charge.

1. I do not hate the president. I challenge you to prove that. Since you've questioned my integrity, I demand that you prove it.

2. There is no "false outrage" in this post. There is reasoned opposition. Since you question my integrity, I demand that you point out where there is "false outrage."

3. No concern how damaging it is to our security to have KBT contractors picking off civilians, no concern for the security of millions of uninsured Americans right here at home. No concern whatsoever for women who raped while trying to do their jobs in Iraq.

Where the fuck did that come from? What does that have to do with where to try KSM? If you want to question my integrity, you are going to have to prove that I don't support insuring the uninsured (I do, as anyone who has read any of my health care posts can tell you), that I didn't criticize KBT, or that I have "no concern whatever" that women were raped in Iraq. Strawman arguments all because that's all you've got. You have questioned my integrity. I demand that you prove it.

All you can do is spout talking points and question my integrity. No proof. Not even willing to quote anything from this post to prove your points because you can't - there's nothing there.

I don't have to question your integrity. It is painfully obvious from your comment that you have none - all you have is hatred for the opposition.

You sir, are a liar. No other word for it.


Comment Posted By Tim On 14.11.2009 @ 16:18


You sir are a true American! God bless terrorism! God bless fascism! Seig Heil!

Comment Posted By Tim On 2.09.2009 @ 15:21


You forgot to add that he wore shorts! Where's the outrage!!!! AHHHHH!

What I forgot was that while Obama played golf, 19 desks sit empty at HHS, we have no Surgeon General, permanent head of the CDC, or HHS secretary. One would think a few of those folks might be useful in a crisis like this.

But hey! The gala celebration of The Messiah's 100th day in office are going to be swell, I'm sure.

This is to go along with staffing failure at the other department that is dealing with a crisis - Treasury.

Face it. Your man dropped the ball and continues to drop the ball. Stop being such a partisan dupe and admit it.


Comment Posted By Tim On 27.04.2009 @ 17:08

Feeding red meat? More like baiting the chihuahuas nipping at Obama's ankles. Oy vey. This is lame and starting to seem a little desperate, Rick. It's way too early for desperation. Save some for 2010 and 2012,... Puhhleeze!

Comment Posted By Tim On 27.04.2009 @ 15:00


Yeah - I think it's unanimous. This post tops all of your previous contrived Obama hit-pieces. You really shouldn't have hit "publish: on this one, Rick.

That's just friendly advice... Really though.. I say keep it up. You're ratcheting up the right-wing-nut meme that is just starting bloom quite nicely.... Nice work.

Comment Posted By Tim On 20.04.2009 @ 12:35


A fairly fair take on both sides - However I just don't think anyone - media, goverment or otherwise will take much interest in the tea parties... They're pretty much a yawn...

Comment Posted By Tim On 14.04.2009 @ 08:17


“Is Obama a socialist/radical/communist?”

hmmmm. oh gee... I wonder.

...Or a devil-worshipping child molestor?

Or an Evil blood-sucking Alien from outer space?

You're gonna need these for when the "socialist" thing wears out from overuse and under realization.... when it failed in the 2008 election it wasn't just a fluke you know. Oh heck....never mind. Have fun with your little show...

Comment Posted By Tim On 31.03.2009 @ 21:30


Well at least "Conservative" values triumph somewhere...

These days I would equate the right more so with Snoopy. Flying a doghouse, battling imaginary "socialist forces" (red baron) with an imaginary counter-budget with no numbers.

I guess that makes you Woodstock, Rick.

Comment Posted By Tim On 31.03.2009 @ 21:17

I think if they replace Harry Potter with Optimus Prime and move Kirk to the top 10, then they would have something. So close... but so far away...

Comment Posted By Tim On 31.03.2009 @ 14:38

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