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The problem is that most of those watching Conservative outlets are very misinformed.

It's tragic.

Comment Posted By Theodosa On 16.04.2007 @ 11:03

And Rick, your brother is not guilty of writing any hate speech what-so-ever.

The Far Right Fringe types attacking him are just off the charts with their analysis of what he wrote, and what really happened. And their words are just vile, they are the haters ruining America.

They're Right, everyone else is wrong, blah, blah, blah. Jeez, how many times have we heard this crap....great, but can we maybe hear it without the personal smears, attacks and threats about him losing his job?

Comment Posted By Theodosa On 15.04.2007 @ 18:19

I have to laugh at these crazy loons posting on your brother's blog with such vile hate, it's beyond sick. I even saw one poster tell another that she/he "had a life of crime in their future" becuase they have a different point of view.

I am sorry but that amount of presumpteous opinion is just too looney for me. The nasty name calling and accussing your brother of being a "Liberal", it's like the damn broke over in Free Republic and they came rafting in - in droves.

The good news - Reed Silegman is appalled at the injustice in our justice system and cannot fathom how any American of humble means could survive being wrongfully accused the way they have, i.e., he and the other's ability to pay large legal fees and hire a good legal team. Perhaps Reed will work within our system to change the system and make it better.

Comment Posted By Theodosa On 15.04.2007 @ 18:10



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