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Penelope daahling, that's Centox - or Syntox mayhaps. Gotta have that tox in there ta make it sound reeeeaaaallll naaasssssssty. ;-)

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 28.03.2006 @ 22:22

Publius, well noted re the Maryland hotel tryst, but Pikesville is actually on the far side of the Baltimore Beltway from DC... so an even more secluded love nest.

But if you've ever been in Pikesville, you'd know why it's so funny. :D

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 28.03.2006 @ 22:05


Rick -- er, Faramir -- I hope you were lucky enough to have watched the extended version of the trilogy. If you haven't seen those, you haven't seen Peter Jackson's LOTR.

Good luck with your and Sue's little bureaucratic hell.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 24.03.2006 @ 10:59


Nuts, I'd noticed the Palmer/veep connection weeks ago but failed to comment. Can I sue yous guyz for intellectual property infringement? :D

But hey, think about it: President Palmer (dead), Laura Palmer (dead) ... veep was a Palmer... :shock: Waiting for Kyle MacLachlan to make a cameo, then my day will be m.a.d.e.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 22.03.2006 @ 16:04

Spot on observation, Arthur. So amazingly bizarre when you step back a minute and look at last season's gross plotline. What will be the other shoe(s) to drop this season?

Lemme venture a bit: I'm still waiting for the Chinese to enter the fray. Did they set up Audrey to get back at Jack? Do they own the veep? (We know from Clinton/Gore just how easily they can buy influence, intel, technology,...) And besides, they're about the last non-Muslim nation left that's an "enemy" with which the writers could feel safe lobbing hateful bigotted stereotypes at. (LOL)

Audrey MUST have been set up. Despite that nose, she's just too, too... special.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 21.03.2006 @ 22:52


Publius: re Edgar - you bastard. :D

Rick: methinks your venom re Cuthbert belies some soft white underbelly somewhere. C'mon, you've got a crush? Just how many times have you watched "The Girl Next Door" anyway? ;-) I never heard of the movie until you ripped her a new one over it. Wes does point out her horrid plot configurations over the seasons, ya know, so let's be fair.

Matt re Palmer (former prez) I thought Novik was Palmer's CoS... but still I'm unclear just how Palmer came to know about the terrorist threat originally. Is that a loose end, or am I asleep at the switch? And yes, the Chinese... Good call. I expect they'll show up around hour 24 and lead into next season.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 7.03.2006 @ 22:54


Damn, and here all this time I thought Ennui was a kind of sushi.

Sorry we kept you from yer napping, Rick. :D

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 3.03.2006 @ 07:22


I love how you make science so doggone exciting. It's these subtleties of human evolution that are so important in understanding the bigger picture of (in my view) God's grand creation and the awesome emergence of mankind through His wondrous miracle of evolution.

I'm sure you've probably read Ian Tattersall (he's a buddy of mine - no, really), but if you haven't you should -- his Becoming Human is a great trip through human evolution (if rather secular in nature). I haven't read his i>The Human Odyssey yet but I shall.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 28.02.2006 @ 21:45


Steve said:
"How could Henderson know about Jack “demise”—which was a closely guarded secret—(or even his “resurrection”), but not know who was in charge of CTU?"

I didn't notice that. Methinks: continuity error? Hard to know what to read into as plot, or as sloppy writing.

Rick, I was playing basically the same pro and con game with the wifie as regards the mutiny. Well presented, sir: always two sides.

If Audrey was somehow the mole (and we've expected a DoD mole now for what, 2 seasons?) then what could her agenda be? CYA? Getting Curtis to do her dirty work for her was clever. Her goal: to use Jack, in fact control Jack, to get to the nerve gas but then somehow to cover her tracks? If she wanted to control Jack by herself (and Chloe & Edgar), then doing it behind the Hobbit's back was proving impossible, so she had to eliminate him. Still... WHY?!? Anyway, Jack would never knowingly cover something up for Audrey... would he? If she was in the bad, then No.Way.

Hmmmm... I think I like the idea of that model-faced chick being the mole better, though she's just a nobody (with which we're sympathetic). Audrey would be much less believable but much more dramatic.

Rock on, Banzai Rick! :D

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 28.02.2006 @ 18:02


I'm embarassed to say that I can attest to your praise of Lapham's writing ability, Rick. I confess to having actually (urp) subscribed to Harper's Ragazine for the better part of my graduate student life. Youth, heh.

I survived, though, a flamin' conservative no less. :D

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 27.02.2006 @ 22:00

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