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NO annoying blog commercials here... just a comment that Boy, it was fun to see Michelle and Tony doing the hurtful-glance dance. Tony should bottle those I-Told-You-So Looks To Kill and sell them on the black market, in fact that could be Season 5's terrorist divice.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 15.03.2005 @ 22:19


I agree that the Good Arab Bros. bit appeared cartoonish and contrived... but talk about a network caving to an interest group; lest we forget CBS and the whole Ronald Reagan movie fiasco. Granted, it was a tasteless, twisted portrayal of one of our 5 greatest presidents (and it was conservatives, and probably a plurality of the USA, as the 'interest group'), but is there a parallel here of a network capitulation to explore?

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 16.03.2005 @ 06:28


This is simply too beautiful. How the Left Elite were quavering in their boots (read: tittelated at a potential Bush Doctrine loss) apres the phony Hizballah bussed-in demonstration last week.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 14.03.2005 @ 15:00


A good follow-up would be to learn that those bozo paramedics have lost their licenses.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 12.03.2005 @ 19:31


This all makes one realize how ridiculous it is to think that Mankind and Industrialization really have any destructive power on the grand scale.

To Moonbats who seek Kyoto and it's hidden agenda of a retro, pre-industrial future, I say: the '91 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo alone affected the earth's environment more than the sum total of any aledged anthropogenic greenhouse gas effects. Cooled the northern hemisphere a whopping (!) 0.6 deg C, it did. By some measures this volcano ultimately caused a stunning (!) 1.3 deg C global cooling within 3 years.

Mama Nature, she's still rollin' along, though - just waiting for the next asteroid or comet. Then she'll regroup and have another go at it.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 12.03.2005 @ 17:18


That web link business post-9/11 was dastardly and incriminating. If right-minded, patriotic, US-based Muslims would spend a little more energy spreading the word that the Islamofacist terrorists don't speak for them or for true Islam, then maybe they would win some hearts and minds with the American people, vs. than all this laughable victimhood garbage. I think Majority Red America has just about had it.

Likewise, if I see KeiferJack spout another Fox "Muslims-are-not-evil" PSA, I'm gonna kick my fancy HDTV. (Well, maybe not. I'll puke instead.)

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 10.03.2005 @ 13:33


Freakin commie. She's a freakin commie. A

No, not nuff said. What most pissed me off about this story and the aftermath: I (unfortunately) chose to listen to BBC Radio Freakin America early Monday am. The poor Italian security officer's funeral was all over the place, and concomitant street grumblings made nice anti-US propaganda. Not UNO mention of the fact that the car was SPEEDING UP toward the checkpoint and disobeying orders to stop. Freakin Beeb.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 8.03.2005 @ 17:39


Weird how the M-F security walkie-talkies still worked, even as the EMF was charging up and wiping out cell, phone, and a good chunk of the LA electrostream. As far as the fair Michelle: given she had grown demonstrably in the chest area from Season 2 to 3 (push-up bra), one wonders if she done gone whole hog and made it surgically to a full C-cup this season. Was hard to tell in that oh-so-confining Division pinstripe suit. Last: Looks like we're gonna see some more kills from Jack, he's got to be gettin' itchy.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 8.03.2005 @ 22:22


"Sex and power" reminded me of this (um, well, you pick the adjective) piece in today's Washington Post on Condi's spot-on, jack-boot choice of wardrobe for her recent EuroTour 2005. If she ever has a malfunction, heads (of state) will roll.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 25.02.2005 @ 15:52


My favorite techno-goofiness was that thermal satellite imaging Jack requested... to find Navi and Behruzz in the BASEMENT of a HOSPITAL, in a LAUNDRY ROOM of all places. (Were any dryers running?) Mmmmm, damn good technology there. You gotta love Jack for using all those tools in his bag!

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 23.02.2005 @ 07:43

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