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SH, for a non-believer you sure have a bead on those slimy enemies of the church... who just also happen to be the very same enemies of this fine country of ours and the very best of our life, liberty, and happiness. The very same country that ironically allows these slugs to yak and breathe and slime about on the blood of millions who defended their 'rights', generation after generation.

Well I have a right, too, sort-of: *POOF!* As a lay minister of the Roman Catholic Church (well, a choir minister anyway), I dub thee an honorary Catholic. Say Cheese!

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 19.04.2005 @ 21:39


I'm a little annoyed with their "will he crack?" angle with Edgar. It's just a little too much to ask us to imagine him jump-tackling somebody or grabbing a gun from a CTU guard's holster and blam blamming away. They would NEVER do that on this show again--dey been there, dey done that. I think someone needs to give him some medication or a good screw. Chloe?

But wait, then Edgar wouldn't be able to do his job... but he can't do his job now... Oh the humanity! They should just have Jack pop him, for the good of the country, and put Fat Geek out of his misery.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 21.04.2005 @ 19:02


I.Love.That.Ann.! You're spot-on, Superhawk. The MSM ditched her columns on the Democratic Convention last summer, and what happened? She turned that lump of lead into more gold!

Think she'd blush seeing your comparison of her with Payne and Adams? (Persionally I think she's physiologically incapable of blushing...)

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 17.04.2005 @ 20:07


Jay, you said it re Franks. His book is a wonderful walk through the formative years of a great, humble leader and an American hero. Oh yes, he demurs now, but don't think that he ain't considering a run. I have trouble with most of the other would-be pack for '08.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 18.05.2005 @ 07:03

Rick, you hit the nail on the head. Exactly my feelings regarding Newt. Superbly written article.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 17.05.2005 @ 12:04


"I wonder if we should read any significance into the writers not including “So help me God” in this instance?"
Ya think? You know, this is FOX, not FNC. :wink:

"Wonder what the life expectancy is for being Jack’s back-up?"
Can you say "Drummer for Spinal Tap"?

Keep up the specticulatin, SH. This show is driving me nuts in a good way, even if it's fraying around several seams.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 12.04.2005 @ 20:30


In fact, Clinton looks discouraged and hurt... while W looks oh so very approving. And Koffi? Ah, scew him.

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 11.04.2005 @ 07:12

FOTFLMAO Boy I needed that this am!! :D

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 11.04.2005 @ 07:09


Dear God, what is this country coming to? Define my Quality of Life, will ya? Or, that of my children? Soon we'll be just like The Netherlands and not far from Nazi Germany. This warning by former Congressman Bob Barr could just as well fit here soon: "Anyone considering having a child while in the Netherlands, or traveling there with someone whom the Dutch authorities might consider disabled, should think again."

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 8.04.2005 @ 14:54


Good for you, SH! You're just getting too darn famous lately. ;-)

Comment Posted By The MaryHunter On 8.04.2005 @ 10:08

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