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Thanks for the reply. sorry for the lack of clarity but just a few words can be interpreted in many ways. I meant none of the things you have suggested. First off my original comment was related to looking at the GOP in general and how to structure the resurrection of the best parts of the party could be tackled. I was blown away by the Mormon special that PBS did and the fact that they all dance regularly and I thought of that as a metaphor for structure. They all know a well crafted tune and can stay in rhythm with each other and recognize cooperation is not just a loyalty issue but something that can be fulfilling and enjoyable. Contrast that to the ugly side of the GOP, angry old white men SITTING in their lazyboys Clenching their Guns in one hand and the remote in the other. I don't necessarily agree with the Mormon doctrines regarding their view of Christianity, but I do admire their, though somewhat Stepfordish, demeanor and approach to problem solving big ideas. As far as Prop 8 goes, the people who get the most voters out on the day win. You give it your best shot and live with the results. I know you ascribe to that theory. again, sorry to confuse you, but thanks for the reply, I learned a lot. BTW it does say other Nonsensical ideas in the header. Sincerely, Scott

Comment Posted By The Fly-Man On 9.11.2008 @ 13:12

The Mormons all dance. Try a few orchestrated moves to a beautiful tune instead of the sound of marching in lockstep while saluting.

Cryptic comment. If you are suggesting Mormons are to blame for the loss of Prop 8, think again. It was socially conservative blacks and hispanics that defeated it.

What say ye to that? Can't criticize "The Other" or you're a racist, right? So instead, you falsely accuse white Chirstians of being responsible.

What a tool.


Comment Posted By The Fly-Man On 9.11.2008 @ 07:37


vacuus virtus

Comment Posted By the Fly-Man On 5.11.2008 @ 08:38

From Dr. Leo Strauss:"It’s a shame that a Republican rout won’t have a corresponding impact on the insular, smug pundit class. One can only wonder, what would it take in electoral collapse to get La Noonan banished from the airwaves? Texas going blue? With Alabama? And if so, if only the Boy King could have given that to us, too. She was especially grating on Morning Joe today.

Although there is truth that the Movement is happy to reject the ‘host’ as the failure. The parasite is, of course, never the cause."

I'm readin this noddin my head.......

Comment Posted By The Fly-Man On 5.11.2008 @ 06:34


Here is an oxymoron you might want to consider. Young Conservatives.

Comment Posted By the Fly-Man On 30.10.2008 @ 19:42


Oh, thanks Rick for opening up the comments. Mike Pence 20012!I said it here first.

Comment Posted By the Fly-Man On 27.10.2008 @ 05:09

It was really simple folks, McCain pawned all of his Maverick credentials to ironically appease the part of the base he thought would complete the deal for him. Unfortunately the people he alienated during this surrender apparently have standards too, and just a wee bit more clout in the party. For all you anti-abortion folks out there let me ask you a few questions: Don't you all feel like complete stooges? Really, W, Bill Frist and Tom Delay were all in charge of Congress for 6 years and all you got for your loyal votes was the Teri Shivo act? You have been played again and reminded how radical and insignificant your power really is. Get your own party won't you please? You all stomp your feet and demand equal treatment like kindergartners.

Comment Posted By the Fly-Man On 27.10.2008 @ 05:07


Start over folks. Let the tide roll in and saturate your souls. Meanwhile instead of implementing feeble attempts to stop the bleeding, might I suggest looking at the best ideas you have left. Please remember this when your next episode of futile cat herding fails you as effectively as all of your other exercises in subterfuge. These will be my last two words: Rod Dreher

Comment Posted By the Fly-Man On 16.10.2008 @ 09:34


I think if you had any balls you'd just list the people you have issues with. If the people you speak of are really knuckledraggers as you say , using your logic, they wouldn't actually be able to read this post would they? So all I can say is you are in deep denial about where the conservatives,which you are a high ranking player in their club, have failed miserably and you are projecting on a few commenters here. Go on with your articulate class warfare spew all you want, but I think a few folks have probably brought you a few reminders how pathetic your little movement has become and your anger has no place to go. It's ironic immolation and only you and your card carrying members are to blame. Not the media, not acorn, not Bill Ayers, not Jeremiah Wright, you and your oh so powerful conservative movement. Just ask yourself, if the conservative movement is so utopian why is John McCain the nominee? Good Luck.

You have very serious problems. How does this post show that conservatism has failed? Kind of a stretch, don't ya think? I mean, how did you get that from anything I wrote above?

And it's not class warfare. We're talking about Jefferson's aristocracy of the mind - sadly, you can't join for obvious reasons.

And your last bit - conservatism pushing utopia? Bwahahahahahahah....If you're going to show your ignorance, might I suggest you go to a site where people are equally clueless? Like Daily Kos or some liberal site?


Comment Posted By the Fly-Man On 16.10.2008 @ 05:42


Help me out here folks. I'm trying to get the order right, is it denial, acceptance and anger or is it denial, anger and THEN acceptance. I personally think delusional should be part of that sequence, but what ever, the first 3 I listed really do describe the atmosphere coming from the way it ought to be crowd right's the empire's new clothing line on full display. Finally it's becoming entertaining, thanks for contributing. Good luck with your therapy.

Wow. That's either the most obtuse comment ever left here or you are just incoherent. Which is it?


Comment Posted By the Fly-Man On 13.10.2008 @ 18:02

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