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It's fun watching the Right Wing try to frame what just happened in a way that somehow repudiates the fact that the country just opted for liberal government.

1. The Democrats didn't win, the Conservatives lost.

This is a good one. Then theres...

2. The Democrats didn't really win, because they had to field conservative Democrats.

Ha ha! Nice try. And my favorite:

3. We'll be back in '08.

No, I think we gave you clowns a shot. Let you have everything you ever wanted. Stacking the Supreme Court, White House, rip up the Constitution, whatever. If Conservatism was a valid and effective concept, you had 6 years to prove it.

And you virtually destroyed the country. For the record, we did learn a very good lesson: Our government has built-in checks and balances and one party should not dominate the entire infrastructure. That said, it's time to punish you guys a bit because you've caused an awful lot of damage.

Oh, and one more thing: Speaker of the House Dogface.

Comment Posted By The Raven On 9.11.2006 @ 13:43


And the recent defense appropriations bill was shelved by Frist because McCain and few other decent senators had the temerity to insert a few riders about the humane treatment of our captives.

So how high up does all this go? Remember that the Bush White House asked Gonzales for a legal justification for torture - and they got it. Remember why Gitmo was specifically sited where it is. Remember Rumsfeld's "Interrogation Matrices."

Yes, the problem is systemic. We've been getting reports directly from detainees, reporters from WAPO, the Guardian, the Independent, Salon, Slate, NYT, members of the Red Cross, the Taguba Report, and those in Congress who've seen images from the held-back material. It isn't anti-American to acknowledge that we have a serious problem here. Quite the reverse.

Comment Posted By The Raven On 6.08.2005 @ 04:20



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