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Let not your heart be troubled SuperHawk, but take wing upon the hope that blogs like Liberals for Terriexist.

Comment Posted By The RaBBiT On 26.03.2005 @ 18:06

Well-thought-out post; however, I'm a libertarian (so they tell me over at Politopia anyway) who is singularly unmoved by the Left's "proselytizing about the dangers of religious extremism". I'm supportive of the Christian Right as long as they let me sleep in on Sunday. At least they have a moral compass. I'm far more afraid of the failure of the Courts, the ACLU, and the State of Florida to enforce the civil rights of Terri Schindler Schiavo by being so incredibly willing to put her to death based on the hearsay of a philandering estranged husband. I'm significantly more afraid of this same group's refusal to protect her First Amendment right to practice her religion by posting armed guards to prevent a Catholic priest from administering her a wafer and wine for her Last Rites. I'm vastly more concerned that the procedures of the law are shielding those who don't have the stones to uphold the spirit of the law and protect the vulnerable, the female, and the disabled. And I think there are some Democrats out there who agree, and I hope you're right that this will give us an opportunity to reach out to each other. We need all the decent human beings we can get on our side.

Comment Posted By The RaBBiT On 26.03.2005 @ 17:32



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