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"Hysterical and wildly over the top" are exactly the point, there, Little Ricky.

as in the last six years have seen endless streams of hysterical, chicken little conservatives shrieking that the scary brown people are coming to blow us up or make us gay and anyone who says other wise must be some kind of terrorist appeaser, satan-worshipper or other such nonsense.

I just distilled it all into one appropriately ridiculous conceit and let it fly.

Comment Posted By The Crapture On 14.11.2006 @ 17:02

Yeah, i can't help but laugh at the new calls from Republicans for "bipartisanship" now that they are the legislative minority.

Especially when, for the last six years under the Repub majority, "bipartisanship" has been a euphemism for "You better sound off that you love, worship and adore George 'By god' Bush or we'll use every bit of media access we have to paint you as a Jesus-hating hummus-eating, latte-drinking islamo-homo-nazi-commie-fascist-evolutionist in front of that very vocal (if not always very articulate) collective chicken-littledom we generally consider to be our base."

Comment Posted By The Crapture On 14.11.2006 @ 16:28

You'll have to forgive me if i'm not sympathetic to how chagrined you seem to be over the election outcome and the displays of unrestrained schadenfreude from some bloggers and commenters that have come as a result, but after listening to the unfiltered bleatings of people who live in some twilight of perpetual panic as though al Qaeda was going to unleash waves of exploding gay Mexicans over our borders to take away our guns and teach evolution to our embryos unless we scrap the Constitution in favor of old-fashioned, old-Testament values, i'm just not prepared to regard most of the authority cultists passing themselves off as conservatives with a strsight face

Comment Posted By The Crapture On 9.11.2006 @ 19:35



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