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May 5, 2001: National Security chief Sandy Berger, at the urging of his staffers John O’Neill and Richard Clarke, presents President Gore with a PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing

Funny, funny stuff.
Uh, he following is the text of an item from the President's Daily Brief received by President William J. Clinton on December 4, 1998.

Some members of the Bin Ladin network have received hijack training, according to various sources, but no group directly tied to Bin Ladin’s al-Qa’ida organization has ever carried out an aircraft hijacking. Bin Ladin could be weighing other types of operations against US aircraft. According to [—] the IG in October obtained SA-7 missiles and intended to move them from Yemen into Saudi Arabia to shoot down an Egyptian plane or, if unsuccessful, a US military or civilian aircraft.


Comment Posted By The Ace On 2.04.2007 @ 20:00

but America is in the midst of takng a decided turn to the left, and there doesnt seem to be any end to it in the near future.

Funny stuff.

Tell us, in this "decided turn" why did barely any Democratic Congressional candidates run on pulling out of Iraq immediately?

Further, how can you explain that with a change in ~150,000 votes (out of ~7 million cast), the Senate would be R with Talent and Burns winning?

Oh, you can't.

Comment Posted By The Ace On 2.04.2007 @ 10:12

all the others had been caught in the FBI’s sweep of the flight schools.

Ah yes, because the left is just so interested in sweeping up all those Muslims in massive raids after howling for 5 years Bush has indefinitely detained Americans without trials, etc, etc, etc.

The party of "we're for the opposite of what is actually happening now, no matter how silly it is."

Comment Posted By The Ace On 2.04.2007 @ 10:07


Rick: “every single conservative blogger I have seen this morning has roundly condemned her”

Power Line, Time’s 2004 Blog of the Year, is silent on the subject, today.

Probably the most idiotic comment offered by a leftist here.
Um, was Power Line given the blog of the year award because of their conservative influence?
Of course not.

Nice issue conflation.

Comment Posted By The Ace On 4.03.2007 @ 10:03



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