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Your argument would carry more weight if you detailed some examples on which conservatives confuse issues with principles. I happen to agree that we need every conservative and republican we can get. However, you seem to ignore the fact that mccain was exactly your type of candidate and he lost. What are the demints of the party proposing;less taxes, fiscal responsibility, less government? Sounds like a winning formula to me.
Why should republicans be the ones to compromise on the issues of the day?

Comment Posted By Terry On 29.11.2009 @ 22:11


All this debate over a "litmus test". Hardly. New New York Democrats don't really care who wins this seat, it will be redistricted after the 2010 election to a solidly Democratic district. The Dems held back their top contender for that reason. This election means nothing nationally. Unfortunately the so-con nutballs will use this election as proof, ultimately to their detriment, that they have found the magic formula for winning a national election. Good luck selling this to the rest of the country. The strategy may sound brilliant to those of you who reside in echo chambers devoid of that cursed intellectual non-sense, for those of us on the other side of those doors, ah, not so brilliant.

Comment Posted By Terry On 2.11.2009 @ 14:03



You bring up a good point. Today I saw Andrew Sullivan on Chris Matthews Show, which right after Meet the Press. Andrew Sullivan peddled awful smears about Palin and he gets on television. Can you imagine a conservative who peddled reprehensible smears about Obama being allowed to talk on a Sunday news program? I can't.

Comment Posted By Terry On 15.02.2009 @ 19:04

I don't know why talk radio is such a big deal with liberals. Liberals have just every media venue available to them. News media is mostly slanted to the left (exceptions being Fox New, Wall Street Journal, and some others). Can you name a late night comic that has a conservative slant on television? There are plenty of liberal columnists, authors, satirists. Liberals dominate in academia. NPR basically repeats DNC talking points on a regular basis. If I want to know what liberals think about something all I have to do is turn on the television, read a newspaper, talk to a university professor or walk into Barnes and Nobles. I can't honestly say the same thing about conservative ideas. So just let it go liberals. When it comes the media wars, you guys are winning. Isn't that enough?

Comment Posted By Terry On 15.02.2009 @ 18:47


There is a mis-representation of fact here, this not Kenyan Elder garb, but instead Somali Elder garb.
Southern Somali's are Muslim, do not dress like Africans with skirts etc., are very conservative.

They are the ones who waged war against there own people trying to force Sharia Law down every ones throat in Somalia. There is a size-able Somalia peoples presences in North East Kenyan.

Don't try to white wash the fact he was dressing in Muslim warlord dress of the southern Somali people.

Comment Posted By Terry On 25.02.2008 @ 12:57


Rob said:

I just do not get what is gained in this type of prosecution, other than an excercise in raw power.

Before I found this discussion I sent the following email to a friend:

I just saw on the net that Bonds has been indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice surrounding the steroid investigation. I don't really know the details, but I have to say that this sounds like a bunch of assholes are trying to build careers around attacking Bonds. I mean, do you ever see the millions of junkies in North America getting the book thrown at them for lying about their drug use or who is using and selling it?

I have never been a Bond fan or a Bond hater, but it just sounds like some more power tripping by people whose main aim in life is to use any fascist niche they can find to dominate others, build their careers and solidify their positions of power.

If I were in charge I'd say, "You guys go find some real criminals or you're fired, or you have to manage the Yankees."

Comment Posted By terry On 17.11.2007 @ 14:10


This is unfortunatley one of the few very bad results of the internet age. A forum for every kook, nimrod, person with an axe to grind, or soemone who just feels they are not important enought.

The internet and blog-a-sphere has become the perfect platorm for the Conspiracy Theoriest. What seems worse is that more-and-more people seem to get caught up into it all the time.

Like a famous comedian said a 1/2 century ago, "There is a Sucker Born every Minute", is being proven so right.

Comment Posted By Terry On 7.11.2007 @ 13:51


You base your premise on the polls as they stand. I don't even remotely believe the polls. The House and Senate will stay Republican. Count on it.

Comment Posted By Terry On 18.10.2006 @ 15:25


Uh . . . gawainsghost . . . I was being ironic. I was trying to make the point that a lot of leftists who would never consider themselves to be Stalinists are echoing Stalin's belief that the truth can only be defined politically. Kind of like O'Brien trying to explain to Winston Smith that the Party's fluid view of reality was the only "real" reality in 1984. Except I was using irony.

Comment Posted By Terry On 25.07.2006 @ 23:45

I think Mr. Greenwald is channeling Josef Stalin. From the Encyclopedia Britannica article on marxism:

From these principles may be drawn the following inferences, essential for penetrating the workings of Marxist-Leninist thought and its application. No natural phenomenon, no historical or social situation, no political fact, can be considered independently of the other facts or phenomena that surround it; it is set within a whole. Since movement is the essential fact, one must distinguish between what is beginning to decay and what is being born and developing. Since the process of development takes place by leaps, one passes suddenly from a succession of slow quantitative changes to a radical qualitative change.

The truth, you see, is the truth only when it is politically true. And as a progressive, Mr. Greenwald is best able to determine the political truth of anything.

Comment Posted By Terry On 25.07.2006 @ 21:33


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