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Actually, I still call Obama a socialist. There is more than one stage in socialistm. Yes, there is the USSR, but that is the final stage.

It usually begins like in Europe. Anyone who tells me that Germany and Austria, as a good example, are not socialist nanny states really needs to live there for a while, pay their taxes and watch how the citizens are treated either like idiots, babies or criminals.

And Obama does have a socialist agenda that would fit perfectly into today's Germany. And Germany, today, is definitely a socialist country. Not as bad as the USSR was, no, but it's on the first step to turning into something like that.

Or how do you call a country where people like my father and me, people who work their asses off, pay 43% to 50% taxes on their salary just so that the state can give money to people who don't want to work? What do you call a country that fires more than 30% of its annual budget into "social welfare"? If that's not socialist, what else is it? Apart from "extremely stupid".

With Obama the US will turn exactly into that.

Or shall we go into the EU? The EUSSR as some people call it by now? Where freedom of speech has disappeared? Also quite "socialist".

Socialism doesn't start with turning in all private property. It doesn't start with the government taking control of all the companies. No, certainly not. That's just the final step. It begins like in Europe. And Obama wants exactly that system. His health care plans, for example, are directly from today's socialist Germany and Austria and, guess what, they don't work in those countries (Austrian health insurances have a deficit of 500 million USD, with a population of 8.5 million).

Until Obama stops hugging his leftist ideas (health care for everyone, even for people who don't want to work, is a socialist idea, face it) I'll continue to call him a socialist.

Comment Posted By Takekaze On 9.10.2008 @ 15:07


I can't help but to think that the Obamas fit perfectly into this world. It's the age of "our core value is that we don't have a core value". They fit perfectly into an age where one doesn't take responsibility for ones actions and words.

The problem people like the Obamas will face is: this age will come to an end. You will be held accountable for your actions and your words.

Now... Michelle Obama decided to step into the limelight on her husband's campaing. She said those things in public, on the center stage and all the Obama supporters cheered on her for it (but no, I don't question their patriotism, do I? As a matter of fact, I do.) She said it. Period. Maybe the Obamas aren't man and woman enough to stick to what they said? It takes some guts to admit "Yes, I did/said that". I have yet to see something even remotely like this from the Obamas. And someone like this wants to be President? What will they do in a real crisis? Run away? Cry? Whine? Moan? Pout? Oh dear... Behold, the Pout of Doom. Oh, I can see Osama in the A-Stan mountains and Amadamadingdong in Iran shiver in their sandals. "Be good, or president Obama and his wife will... POUT AT YOU!!!" OH NOES!!!

Comment Posted By Takekaze On 20.05.2008 @ 03:35


Ok, one of those two guys is a lawyer (as if anyone would trust those) and the other is... something else. But none of them is really a specialist? Ok, and... I should believe them why? And I shouldn't believe the CERN guys... why? In such a case I believe the experts, and those are the CERN guys.

Besides. The end of the world as we know it will come in 2036. That's the year when the Great Penguin, praise his name, will come to earth!

Comment Posted By Takekaze On 30.03.2008 @ 17:06



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