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"This points up the need for a real international nuclear watchdog." As you then say,in comparison to the "enablers" at the IAEA. How would such an agency achieve the power to do the kind of body-cavity searches you think are needed? Should the US offer ourselves up as the test case? Let's get a bunch of people from different countries and allow them access to any facility they want in the US under the aegis of the super-duper IAEA. No,seriously,that's the only comparative you offer up against which to measure the present IAEA.
Of course,what you mean is for that to happen to Iran or,I know,North Korea.
Instead,why don't we (the US) enter into nuclear assistance agreements with non-NNPT countries,like say India.Or Israel.
Oh,that's right,we did that.

Comment Posted By TJM On 14.09.2006 @ 17:31


Odd isn't it? The President in his 2002 SOTU calls 3 nations the axis of evil.The most important of the three was and is Iran.Yet he goes and spends his capital invading the weakest and least likely to threaten the US.So now,when we need it the most (if you believe that Iran enriching uranium is the worst of all worlds),the army is weaker and less able to fight a second front and at the same time deal with insurgents in their rear.
Of course,Iran is permitted,under the NNPT,to do exactly what it is doing.The same NNPT which our good friends Israel,Pakistan and India have not signed.

Comment Posted By TJM On 20.08.2006 @ 19:12



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