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I may be missing something here but as I understand it the US government cannot intervene in a state's affairs without a request to do so by the gov. Having said that it is clear that the gov and mayor were clearly inept.

As time goes by more information and data on the disaster becomes available. Ignoring idiots like Krugman helps clear the air for we know he will never say anthing about the rampant corruption of the Lousiana and New Orleans government and their handling of the crisis.

The main question I have in the event of a nuclear or WMD attack by terrorists we should now allow the Federal government to run the show. Local problems caused by nature should remain in the realm of the states and local authorities.

Comment Posted By TJ Jackson On 6.09.2005 @ 00:00


I'm sorry that Bush is Bush. Rumors that he is a conservative are spread by the trolls at the Democratic Underground and the Kos Kids. I'm sorry to see you identify with Mr. Cole who is about as much of a center-right member as Andrew Sullivan. Perhaps you meant center-right of the Hillary Party?

I don't understand stem cell research? You want more government subsidies for big business and yet complain about spending? Consistent?

We get to hear about torture-are we referring to the whack jobs that would reduce this country to dhimmietude? The folks that slaughter kindergarten kids and behead their captives? I'm sick of folks that say we must understand and respect Islam. Yeah lets respect a religion that says kill those who don't accept us, kill Islamics who want to leave, kill Islamics that work with the infidel and on and on and on. Am I supposed to respect this?

Yet we get to hear the anti Christian bigotry of these same people accusing Christians of imposing a Tali ban. Well if any sort of theocracy is to be established it will be those extremist fundamentalist secularists.

Bush looks good because the Democrats have lost all reason and principle. They can no longer differentiate between good and evil. Its no wonder they continue to lose. The battle over judicial appointments only highlights their desperation.

Comment Posted By TJ Jackson On 27.05.2005 @ 23:38

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