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i agree with cj thomas it is very racist attitude! if obama was white you wouldn't hear half the complaints . it is a real shame america is so racist because half of these people are brain washed,it's called follow the leader and i do believe they are very lost and following the wrong leader and they have no common sense or education to think for themselves ! poor excuse for human beings!!

Comment Posted By THERESA M On 12.09.2009 @ 16:05

our jobs have been slowly taken out of this country for the last 25 years ever since they approved the trade agreement . so now we are no longer working and no one seems to know why ,seems like everyone went along with the trade agreement no one complained ,everyone was happy ,so you know eventually when all the jobs are gone we will no longer have health insurance ,or anything else to live . these jobs that are gone ,are gone for good why would they bring them back and pay us 10.00 an hour or more and cover our health insurance ,when they can pay someone else 25 cents an hour and not worry about health insurance . i am trying very hard to understand why this is all the fault of new president . please explain it to me ????

Comment Posted By THERESA M On 12.09.2009 @ 15:49



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