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"Why not talk in a calm voice with sound liberals who are open to a sober debate?"

Interesting choice of words - "sound" in a spot where "principled" was called for. Then again, principled liberals are now the "sound" liberals sworn enemy. Joe Lieberman being the most prominent example.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 8.07.2007 @ 19:29


I know we're on the same team and all, but leftist imaginations have been given way too much fertilizer by supposedly mainstream Dems and the beloved, fact obsessed when it's convenient MSM.

Thanks, Rick, for capping a Sunday evening with an intertube silce of red meat to go along with my grilled steak and Chardonnay (mouth breathers never match food with wine - I can barely coordinate my clothes).

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 8.07.2007 @ 19:19


I lost my Dad 10 years ago. Up until a year or so ago whenever something good happened in my life my very first thought was a reflex - 'call Dad'. In a sense I lost him twice.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 18.06.2007 @ 14:32


Harping about waste, fraud and abuse is so 90s (if not 80s).

What does Occum's Razor say if there is no paperwork to support $1 billion of gov't spending in Iraq? Criminals squirreling the money in Swiss bank accounts or hard pressed gov't workers with incomplete files that don't substantiate money that was spent for valid purposes? These people are Americans - our brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, school mates and neighbors - most of whom volunteered to work in difficult conditions away from their families.

Nearly every large contract I worked on went to arbitration. The ones that didn't - all went to court. No exceptions (from memory anyway). This crap is not new and means absolutely nothing. Investigate, and when actual criminality is found prosecute. But stop slandering our contracting folks with this where there's smoke there's fire crap. And for that matter, I'm sick of references to Iraq as an "adventure" (from a previous post). The word fits with African safaris and white water rafting, not a deadly, difficult effort to change the trajectory of a portion of the globe and hundreds of millions. I wonder how our civil rights leaders would feel about pundits calling the civil rights movement an "adventure"? Or how Jews would feel about references to the 1930/40s German quest for world domination as an "adventure"? Just because you've lost faith is no reason to be flippant.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 19.05.2007 @ 19:11


"I think the Dems would work with him to come up with some kind of compromise that would be face-saving for both parties and workable in the future"

Umm, the same Dems that didn't think it was important to meet with Petraeus? The same Dems that elected to Senate Majority Leader a guy that called your President a "loser". With an audience of children.

The Dems aren't traitors to the country but they are traitors to their ideals. That's how Reid can vote for outlawing partial birth abortion and then complain when the bill he voted for passed judicial muster. That's how the left wing of the Dem party can complain about the moral imperative to intervine in Rawanda but find no validity in the moral underpinnings of the Iraq war. That's how NOW can kow tow to a President that played his mistress to the media as a stalker. The Dems won't touch the war with a ten foot pole except to rubber stamp the administration's request while working to undermine it, or de-fund the whole thing. And that's fair - the war is Bush's and if there are good ideas out there I don't think it's the Democratic Party that will be developing them anyway.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 28.04.2007 @ 18:50


"about the outing of a CIA agent"

The guy that outed secret agent Plame was named Armitrage. That's A. R. M. I. T. A. G. E. Why don't you go make a citizen's arrest already?

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 6.03.2007 @ 23:22


There are two flows of people relative to Iraq - in and out. Didn't a large number of Shia ex-pats return to Iraq after Saddam was taken out? And weren't these people that largely would have been killed if they had returned to Saddam's Iraq (actually, staying away isn't enough - didn't Saddam have agents in the West looking for 'traitors', and actually found Chalabi and nearly killed him)?

It seems to me that a BBC article about the flow of people should at least mention that.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 5.03.2007 @ 20:27


Given the proximity to President's Day it's worth noting that some historian said, roughly, General Washington lost every battle he fought except the last one.

And watch just about any 'war' show on the History Channel and you can see that mistakes correlate with the sun coming up in the morning. Although I saw this at least a year ago I'll never forget the German soldiers at Omaha Beach describing the sound of bombs exploding 1/2 to 1 mile BEHIND them. The aviation commanders were so concerned about friendly fire that they TARGETED not the bunkers the Germans were using but well behind them. The troops storming the beach had no air support and thousands were slaughtered.

If citing "Bush's mistakes" is a way to keep the half of the Democrats that still want to win the war on our side that's a price that Bush simply has to pay. The history books will be far kinder. I was told by a Democrat that history books will lead on the topic of the Iraq War with the intelligence debacle/WMDs. I followed up by asking him if the Tonkin Gulf incident similarly defines the Vietnam War. He, like most Americans, had no idea what the Tonkin Gulf incident was.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 21.02.2007 @ 10:02


A well deserved milestone, Rick! Congratulations.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 20.02.2007 @ 17:31


Is it really that difficult to see that a US pullback to Iraqi Kurdistan or farther from the hot zones would be a plus if you were, like, fighting Americans in the hot zone? And if you believe what key members of the two parties were saying during the election season (or polls, for that matter), Dems would be more likely to use what power they have to increase the liklihood of that happening.

So instead of AQ propaganda, maybe the Dems more accepting attitude towards retreat is itself an act, to win the favor of AQ who will see this as weakness, attack the US again, and the Dems will respond by glassing the ME. So the Dems really ARE like Hitler.....though the numbers will be Stalinesque.

Comment Posted By Sweetie On 12.11.2006 @ 00:45

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