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An interesting point is that no sitting US president has attended the opening ceremonies when it has been held outside the USA. Remember how Dubya send his dad into Athens 4 years ago? Obviously, there is no real reason for our President to go, Tibet crisis or not. The fact that he is attending suggests a political ploy rather than China deserving his presence on August 8th. However, if we can get something out of the Chinese government for this, then I am all for it. As much as I am unhappy with our President, this is not something to get worked up over.

Thank you Cecil Hill for your observations; it is quite true that there is much more to the story than "China wrong, Tibet right". Actually, I am quite willing to support the Chinese government over their sovereignty, except that they are being total assholes when it comes to the Tibetan people. One could take your point about asking your Chinese students, and inquiring if you have any Tibetan students who could be asked about Rick's comments. (Somehow, I think they would agree with him.) These people are not grateful for the Chinese presence, even if destroying the feudal system was in their interests. The communist party is intent on ignoring that fact, in which case the world can expect the mess to continue. Tibet can never be free in any sense of the word, until China is free. Judging by the events of this past March and April, that day is not coming soon.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 7.07.2008 @ 11:57


"I hold out little hope that many readers (at least those who leave comments) on this site or most sites on the internet would grant Mr. Beinart the legitimacy of his thesis. The patriotism issue is just too emotionally charged and too closely identified with the war for most of us to let go of our petty vindictiveness and grant the opposition the one thing both sides crave the most; recognition that they are acting with the best interests of the United States uppermost in their hearts and minds."

Looks like you are correct, Rick!

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 5.07.2008 @ 16:18


Perhaps you are correct in your observation, manning, but after all, I am commenting on a blog called Right Wing Nut House. Attacking liberals here is like preaching to the choir! I should make it clear that I was making my left/right critiques on personal observation just as much as anything that I have read. As to who are the bigger liars in this election cycle, we shall just have to agree to disagree, I'm afraid.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 30.06.2008 @ 12:44

By the way Rick, thanks for answering my question about Peter Beinart, he sounds like quite an interesting character. Seeing that he in his late 30's, no doubt he will be writing many more articles. I must may, I do like your quote about him:

"I think it is generally accepted that he is a liberal although not in very good standing with many on the left."

Heh heh heh...Sort of like Joe Lieberman?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 30.06.2008 @ 07:31

Hey manning, what give you the impression that I like the left? I don't! I despise the face that so many of them are non-patriotic, and overly critical of America without placing our history in proper context. My only point in their favor was that at least they were upfront about it.

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 30.06.2008 @ 07:24

Let me add a further observation; it is true that one observes more patriots on the right than on the left, just as there are more christians on the right than on the left. However, there is the issue of sincerity and being true to the actual ideals and practices of patriotism and/or religion.

In my experience, liberals don't lie about these kind of things; I know plenty of left-thinking people who deny being patriotic and/or religious. In fact, I have come to expect one or the other (or both) from them. By contrast, I can count on my hands the number of right wingers who dislike America and/or prayer. Yet how many conservative folks are full of garbage when it come time to practice what they preach? Way too many to count! Why can't they be honest and admit they prefer the USA to be a police state, or they can't keep the 10 commandments?

It is my conclusion that the right SAYS they are more patriotic than the left is, and they are correct...many times it's just words, no meaning or drive behind being a true patriot (or christian). Frankly, I am disappointed in both sides, but if a gun were put to my head to choose sides, the folks who lie less abut their intentions would get my vote! 14 years ago it would have been the Republicans, but they have come a long and ugly way since then...

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 29.06.2008 @ 23:12

A pretty good article indeed; thanks for bringing it to my attention. However, I fail to understand how a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations such as Peter Beinart can be considered "one of the more thoughtful men of the left". While hardly a den swarming with Neo-Cons, I just don't believe the Council can be thought of as liberal in any sense of the word. (Having visited its Park Avenue home on several occasions, it didn't strike me as that kind of place.) Nevertheless, its members do mean well overall, and frequently show more intelligence and nuance than the vast majority of our elected representatives. Anybody coming out of there is bound to be diplomatic as well as intelligent, thus partially explaining the successful tone of the article from Mr. Beinart.

Finally, a minor quibble... Not to criticize good writing from TIME and Right Wing Nut House, but where do Moderates fall into play? Cannot love of country and patriotism happily exist between shrill damnation from the left and ignorant declarations from the right? Does one have to hold tilted views or angry thoughts to be a real American? Or is it because moderation doesn't sell as well as liberalism and conservatism?

Beinart is or was editor at The New Republic, a publications generally seen as left of center. Beinart himself was a supporter of the War in Iraq but has since soured on our being there.

I think it is generally accepted that he is a liberal although not in very good standing with many on the left.


Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 28.06.2008 @ 23:41


Hey DrKrbyLuv, you mean to say you don't find Dale in Atlanta hilarious?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 21.06.2008 @ 15:17

I actually think its pretty silly myself. Two things can happen now. Either he stops using it within a week's time, or McCain comes out with his own. Let's see what happens...

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 21.06.2008 @ 12:53


Actually, the real ass here is Bush. Had he not betrayed his party, the conservative movement, and the entire country, Obama would have never stood a chance this year. What I am waiting for is Republican regret that Kerry didn't win in 2004. What might the GOP be like today if Bush hadn't been around to screw up these last 3.5 years, and it was John and Thersa muddling through instead?

Comment Posted By Surabaya Stew On 21.06.2008 @ 07:49

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