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sara in va

and we need to STFU

Solid advice for whiners, or come up with some new ideas other than the ones that have failed miserably for the country.

I take it you are in favor of slavery reparations? Because this is what is happening, just nobody will call it that.

More canards and strawmen. Is that all you have to offer.

As the Obama administration takes a whip to our backs, “using the full force of the office” to force us into submitting to the massive transfer (stealing) of our wealth, when will be allowed to speak up again? After everything has been taken from us?

LOL, what drama you whip yourselves into on the right. If you were right, and your not, why didn't you speak up when GWB was shoveling billions down the rabbit hole in Iraq. At least the wealth Obama is allegedly stealing will remain in this country and not in Chalabi et al's bank account.

Comment Posted By Stuck On 21.02.2009 @ 16:13

Things that don’t need changing are being changed. Sorry you can’t see it.

That's a subjective viewpoint I don't agree with. If you believe it's true then I suggest you stop whining and win an election. That is how to honor the real American Soul.

Comment Posted By Stuck On 21.02.2009 @ 14:42

Typical Rick Moran

Member of a party that has nearly destroyed the economy and backing a president leaving likely the biggest mess since Hoover to FDR, and now is yammering about "democratic socialists: and "soul" of AMerica. Pretending the past 8 to 30 years of republican dominance in American politics didn't happen won't make it go away. In other words, take responsibility for the RW failures, or just STFU and let us clean up your mess/

And if in the process of "cleaning up" our mess you fundamentally alter the country? That's just fine, I suppose. Things that don't need changing are being changed. Sorry you can't see it.


Comment Posted By Stuck On 21.02.2009 @ 14:23



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