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Okay, I'm an idiot. I meant to say "Rick" instead of "Ed".

Comment Posted By Steven Timberman On 10.09.2008 @ 13:40


I meant no disrespect towards you or your views. I initally started reading your blog when you wrote about 24, and have stuck around long past that. Generally speaking, I've agreed with your views and reasons behind them and specifically enjoy the posts that take a broader more historical perspective.

When Palin was selected and all the blogs were either demonizing or deifying her I was looking forward to your response. Almost two weeks later, and you still haven't voiced your own personal opinion about her. I'm just curious here... why the hesitation?

Lastly, I really should write more about politics.

Comment Posted By Steven Timberman On 10.09.2008 @ 13:25

The McCain campaign is "competent"? All they have done is resort to Rovian smears to get the job done. It's all so cravenly cynical that I'm suprised you haven't seen through it?

Would a competent campaign accuse Obama of backing a bill teaching comprehensive Sex Ed to Kindergartners?

While you are correct that the Democrats are still flummoxed by Palin, shouldn't you be more concerned about Palin's impact on a possible Presidency?

Why haven't you commented on her outstanding lack of experience, her hardline evangelical views, or her love of executive privelige?

Why haven't I commented? Get your own damn blog and write it yourself.


Comment Posted By Steven Timberman On 10.09.2008 @ 12:51



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