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mkultra wrote:

"Craig is a member of the GOP, a party that is premised on homophobia."

Awkward language, but you imply that the party was founded on homophobia. Haven't ever seen that in the platform. Which Republicans have said they fear homosexuals? Opposition to gay marriage can't imply homophobia, there are quite a few gays in opposition to gay marriage (Ever read the GayPatriot blog? There are a lot of Republican homosexual congressmen, if the party is homophobic, wouldn't the Republican leadership have some way of keeping them out of the party?

I know, the leadership is setting them up one-by-one to get rid of them! Of course! Mark Foley, and now Craig. Look out California guy, you're next!

Comment Posted By Steve-o On 27.08.2007 @ 23:11

This issue has me confused. (I'm straight.) A gay guy goes to a bar and hits on a guy he doesn't know for sex, that's OK. Same thing in a bathroom, that's lewd conduct. Giving a non-lewd "signal" (foot-tapping) is lewd behavior? What if he had just said, "Are you gay and interested in having sex with me?" Is that against the law? Only in a bathroom, or anywhere?

Gays marching around in public in weird revealing outfits and making out is OK, foot-tapping not OK.

Is homosexual behavior OK or not? It seems that gays do not have a level field with straights when it comes to searching for willing partners.

Comment Posted By Steve-o On 27.08.2007 @ 23:02


This is to TomB and others on this page:

Save your breath. You will never be able to get through to people who are delusional.

This conspiracy movement will die with time. Remember the 70s? The big "mysteries" then were the ancient astronauts (from "author" Eric van Daniken) and the Bermuda Triangle (most notably author Charles Berlitz). The government was covering up "the real stories".

They are hard to find, but NOVA did two excellent specials that completely exposed the fraud and fakery of these subjects. People chased these non-existant boogie-men until they either tired of it, or realized that it was imaginary.

Author Lawrence Kusche dealt a death blow to the movements with several excellent books de-bunking the Triangle "mysteries".

When was the last time you heard of the ancient astronaut theory or the Bermuda Triangle? Even the media began to take a skeptical look at the subjects, as recent documentaries on Roswell have started to take a more skeptical approach.

The History Channel show on the 9/11 conspiracy movement was excellent. I believe more will follow. Then watch the tide turn as it will be more "hip" to be on the side of reason.

So TomB, I share your frustrations. Believe me, I do. But give this time and it will go the way of the aliens who helped build the pyramids and the lost power source from the lost continent of Atlantis sucking us into the depths.

Comment Posted By Steve-O On 30.08.2007 @ 10:35


I will admit that the US may not seem to have much of a chance when placed against powerhouses such as the Czech and Azzurri, but games are not won by sheer skill alone. While Italy is fighting amongst themselves, looking past us to their match with the Czech, our team (a handfull of which have been playing together since they were 16) will hold the necessary ability to squeeze by with 3 pts. I do not see a win agaisnt the beast of a Czech team, but possibly a great performance by Keller could achieve 1 pt for the match. Finally, a team such as Ghana (only possesing Chelsea's Essien as a threat) cannot stand up to our all-around strong squad. Ghana will lose all three matches, Italy will have one win, and Czech will come first in the group in a tie with US coming in second.

Maybe in our match with Brazil Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and half of their squad will be having an off day.

Do you believe?

Comment Posted By Steve-o On 6.06.2006 @ 00:32

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