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The participation of the youth vote in 2008 was an emotive outburst. The emotion has been taken and spent and the emoters feel taken. The youth vote is like fish, handle and prepare it well, use it quickly or it will perish. The conservative base is much less fickle and perishable.

Look at the post apocalyptic movies, people are scared in a slow, deep keep your powder dry and distrust strangers sort of way. People who thought of themselves as sensible liberals are now stocking ammunition. This is not a rushing movement but a slow creep of low grade pervasive fear that the idiots in power are worse than usual and this time it matters.

The happy hopey changy crowd will stay home, they were betrayed. The white male vote goes republican or stays home.

Urban areas are now fearing becoming Detroit-e-fied as the policy of buying off race and ethnicity is coming home to roost. Rural areas are tired of being slammed smeared and taxed for urban benifit.

"Bunch of Hick farmers don't know how to be good organic enviromentalists gotta shut them down"

They might not hear exactly those words yet but they are not stupid and they know they are coming. Collectivization is a word farmers are not fond of.

Anyway, put your ear to the ground of the old wisdom outsie of the trendy hip crowd and you may hear that train a coming.

Comment Posted By Steve On 22.02.2010 @ 22:24


Here is the skinny:

Except for statistically negligible numbers most young people are Apolitical. They do things that are cool, not things that are politically sound. The Democrats are not cool any more so they have lost their youth base. The republicans will NEVER be cool.

The left will lose because they are not fun anymore. Rebulicans don't need to be fun because that is not thier base.

Republicans look stupid when they try to be hip or cool. Republicans are the colder, older wiser heads.

The left always apeals to emotion and heart strings over clarity and logic. Look at the disriptions of Cheny:

The left doesn't understand non emotional judgement. They even assume its that we don't "LIKE" Obama or we can't see how much he "CARES". You here phrases like CARE for the planet. They do not understand cold hard adults running the numbers and walking into the cold wind because it is the right thing to do after a liftime of experience and knowlege. Cheny's an old man and not cool but he may be right.

Don't need or want the extreme youth vote, that they stay home and watch MTV or twitter the latest fad is all we need.

The "skinny" is that from 1978 until 1996, a majority of those 18-29 identified themselves as "conservative." And in 2008, that age group increased their participation by more than 1/3 and went overwhelmingly Democratic.

You can't go around believing you can abandon entire sections of the country (the northeast, New England), and whole age groups and think you are going to win many elections. That's nutzo. You don't win by subtracting but by adding to your numbers. I'd hate to have us learn this lesson the hard way.


Comment Posted By steve On 22.02.2010 @ 17:23



Just A thought

The Overton window has been pushed far left.

Political correctness and Enviromentalism are two tools to push the country more left without saying the word socialism. Some who are less sophisticated and Nuanced but know something is seriously wrong may ascribe easy emotional charged reasons. This then sets up these people to be mocked and thier concerns invalidated. They are experiencing a soft form of disenfranchisment. We don't care if the Canary in the coal mine can speak with a Harvard accent. We only watch its behaviour as sign of potential trouble ahead.

Stop worrying if they are loony and instead figure out what is spooking the herd.

Comment Posted By steve On 3.02.2010 @ 12:47



You may be right, but what a backhanded way to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

The One may accidentally, insulting all along the way, back into an actual real commercial space program. But don't expect me to throw roses.

Comment Posted By steve On 1.02.2010 @ 11:57



I will stay consistent in my message:

The time for critical thought, and the time for maximum violent push are two different times.

As we can all see your time is coming my friend.
This is a dance that must be coreagraphed(sp?) well.

Step in Combatant 1
Execute manoeuver
Step out Combatant 1
Step in resonable man
Resonable man = Rick Moran

This is where we are now. Welcome to the party.

Comment Posted By Steve On 30.01.2010 @ 14:39



I lay only the following at your door.

You are disloyal and disruptive at particularly the times when things are most critical. I will welcome criticsm of my party when things are going well and we are dominant much more then when we are on the ropes. This comes down to Nuance and perspective. Sometimes you shout and sometimes you whisper. Volume control gaged to the situation is imporant.

Even when we are on the ropes we can take constructive criticism. Just like a coach can be critical yet inspiring. Yet your attitude makes me think of coach that will avoid the locker room and give speeches that make clear to his players that he considers them ignorant and beneath him.

Nuance and debate has its place and time. The bloody charge also has its time and place

After all Marie Antionette had sophistication in spades, and royal court ettiquette by the bucketful. She was probably a perfectly charming lady in her element. She however was disconected from the rawness and passion of her people, to her they were rude, crude and lacking in proper social graces. They were completly beneath her.

Comment Posted By Steve On 20.01.2010 @ 21:53


Several comments here are not very well informed.

First, Maersk may not be able to operate withoug a functioning port. The US Navy can. This is something we've been working on since before D-day. Plus, we can offload their ships.

Google JLOTS, or Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore. Or the Improved Navy Lighterage System, which can function further offshore and in higher sea states than the previous systems. That'd be a good start. You'll see that we have, in cooperation with the Army, developed systems designed to move massive amounts of materiel ashore where there are no functioning ports. And it is something we can do in a timely fashion.

These capabilities don't get the press our warfighting capabilities do, but they're vital and exactly what is needed in Haiti right now. These capabilities are also not being stretched thin by our involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan, no matter how often you hear it in the press. It simply isn't true. Not the Navy's, and not even the Army's. These capabilities are simply lying idle.

Second, the "raving racism of teh crazies who rule the Far Right airwaves" is a media fiction. Of course, you're being spoon fed that story by the same media who where openly lying about Limbaugh earlier this year when he was part of the group making the bid on the Rams. Rick Sanchez of CNN (to pick just one aggregious example)admitted he was spreading lies; an internet fabrication attributing to Limbaugh a comment about giving James Earl Ray a medal of honor was just too good for him to check out. Of course, spreading lies is nothing new for CNN.

Of course, they do this because the tactic works. As the commentators on this thread are demonstrating by being sucked in by it. It isn't a sign of intellectual superiority to be tricked by heavily edited clips, or outright fabrications, even if they are things you truly want to believe when you hear them.

I realize in certain circles it's considered lowbrow to listen to Limbaugh. But then, these circles are the same ones who couldn't get a Democrat elected in Mass. Which hardly recommends the approach of falsely smearing people as racists, whether it's Limbaugh personally, his audience by extension, the tea partiers, anybody who criticizes Obama, etc.

Seriously, if you want unhinged lunacy you won't find it on Limbaugh's show. You will find it on MSNBC. Where, all of a sudden, Massachussets voters are now racist rednecks who are sending what Olbermann calls a racist "teabagging" homophobe to the Senate.

Now, there's a winning political strategy. I know it didn't hurt Murtha when he called his own constituents racists and won in 2008. And using the "if you don't vote for Obama you're a racist" gambit probably did play on sufficient people's desire to prove they're not racist to help put him in the White House.

I'm just saying it's not a winning long term strategy. It gets old.

To apply the smear "racist" falsely and too often really lessens its impact. And, frankly, if you smear enough people who know what motivates them, and know it's not racism, then it just makes them look at other people being called the same thing in a new, more favorable light. The natural conclusion being, "I know they're lying about me; maybe they're lying about Limbaugh. Or those other people."

Comment Posted By Steve On 22.01.2010 @ 06:24


To Richard Bottoms:

Lee Atwater was a pussy cat compared to some. Besides the left has gloried in the violent opposition of seemingly unorganized fake grass roots proletariat protest. Nancy Pelosi never met a protest (violent or not) she didn't like until groups other than left started to use it.

Lee Atwater for the most part kept his brutality limited to the political sphere. Like a gentlemanly duel, extreme violence in a controlled atmosphere.

Also we have the left using Union intimidation as a means to win an argument.

One of the many logical falacies used in an argument is an appeal to fear.

Many on the left use this routinely.

"Nice little business you have here, wouldn't want to have to shut it down. How about you hire my favorite people and make sure they can't be fired."

Or we can observe the naked shake down methods from black activists that has only the most fig leaf cover of race to hide a naked shake down attempt. Jesse Jackson is almost a legend in these regards.

Or lets get closer toi home and take Acorn.

The protests from the left are actually tears for losing the Ace in the hole to cheat the game.

Compared to these Lee Atawter was a kindergarten teacher reading stories to children and helping with nap time.

Tell me the number of buisnesses Lee Atwater destroyed. Tell me the number of savings accounts he drained by force or intimidation. Tell me where he arranged boycotts to destroy working peoples dreams and ambitions.

If you wan't to call in the bully boot heel of the government to smash private behaviour, confiscate private property, force people to go bankrupt by not letting them sell land that has enforced goverment mandated regulations, like declaring a puddle a wetlands making the land unusable.

I am glad you can be so proud of the movement you belong to.

Comment Posted By Steve On 15.01.2010 @ 06:25


Politics is a rough blood sport. It is evolutionary through brutal competition.

I sense you are a gentle man, who is having trouble with harsh people who have an agenda. This is the world we live in. People will fight for what they truly believe in. It is easy to be gentle when you are unchallenged and safe.

Most conservatives have seen the tacticts and methods of the left and in the past were caught with the losing hand because they were to gentlemenly and polite. The left counts on talk and discussion to paralyse opposition.

Lets just say the organized opposition to the left have learned thier lessons well.

Comment Posted By steve On 14.01.2010 @ 19:57


Points of contention:

1. Atheism is a religious belief.

You cannot prove a negative. If god doesn't exist...Prove it. Go ahead Really with mathematical certantity PROVE IT. I am not intrested in what arguments you use to yourself. I want absolute airtight proof. I can't see electrons, I cannot feel them, I cannot smell them. Ask an honest high energy particle physicist what an electron really is when he is not talking down to you or using public speak. If you really do listen your head will hurt and your faith in reality will be severly damaged.

I cannot prove the existence of a Diety but I dont have to. I have not made the monumental Huberitic error of saying I know or can prove anything in reference to a Diety. Someone who does commit such an error and clings to it has nicely categorized themselves.

2. You can flow with the stream in serenity in the middle and go where it leads, or you can dam the river, take power from it and redirect the flow. Sarah Palin is looking more like an engineer who the local yokels thought was a bit touched when they talked about the future Hoover Dam.

Rick is a true blue Died in the wool conservative. Doesn't like any of these uppity Kids and their new fangled Ideas. Sorry Rick the direction of the party is too important too allow Grampa rocking on the porch to spike 'progress' >>:-)<< because it make you uncomfortable. Yes I like Grampa, he's a sweet old man with amazing stories.

"But grampa you retired for a reason."

Reminds of the opening song to that show with Caroll O'Connor "All in the Family" was the show, "Those were the Days" was the Theme song.

Comment Posted By steve On 9.01.2010 @ 09:29

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