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bin laden can not be put on trial becuase of the UN? He is accused commiting the most horrible crime in US History! The government said he did it, then let them prove it in a United States Court. This is where the government would have to prove their conspiracy theory. They can not prove it, and never will be able to prove it. This is why blind supports of government and government agents can only call people "moonbats", etc... when they challange the governments conspiracy theory. As I said earlier, shooting the messanger talking points do not work with me or 50% of New Yorkers polled! Hate to say it folks but shooting the messanger was the Soviet governments tactic to all who opposed them and their lies. If the US government conspiracy theory is true, then they need to prove it. Just because the government said he did it with out facts or evidence, does not mean jack to me! The biggest liars on the face of this earth work for governments. Our government is NO exception. So come on all you "Patriots", let the name calling begin! Attack me instead of what I am saying.

Comment Posted By Stephen Prince On 11.05.2006 @ 15:48

Forgot to mention...

I used to be a Republican to the max until the party let all the southern trailer trash democrat refugees in the party. How I long for the old days of the GOP. Now the party is run by southern christianist raptue freak confederate losers. The dixiecrats now run and control the republican party. How sad.

Comment Posted By Stephen Prince On 11.05.2006 @ 12:42

The Government has not made its case at all with regard to 911. The government's own conspiracy theory about 911 does not wash. Quit calling people names and give us the facts. Prove what the government is saying is true. Ever heard of "Operation Northwoods"? Shooting the messenger will not work or hold water on this one. Oh, and by the way, governments killed over 160,000,000 of their own citizens in the 20th century. Why should any one trust government to tell the truth? Why? Why not put bin Laden on trial? He does not have to be here for a trial!!! Why not??

Comment Posted By Stephen Prince On 11.05.2006 @ 11:10



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