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Let's see now, shredding some anonymous talibani (or whoever happens to be in vicinity) in a sovereign nation (Pakistan) with a drone-firedHellfire missle from operated from a computer console halfway around the world is hunky-dory, but pouring water on their head isn't.

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Fundamental rule of any kind of strategy setting, you never never tell an adversary a timeline.

Comment Posted By spaceman On 22.07.2008 @ 21:22


There seems to be a perception that conservatives have to talk with reason and civility. And while I agree with that in principle, conservatives took the moral highground in the 70's and 80's with little to show for it. At while at the same time they were accused with impunity by the left and media to be social security slashers, senior citizen and child gougers, racists, etc., etc. Well reasoned arguments held little sway. The old axiom, you can't argue with irrational people.

The conservatives finally figured out you gotta fight fire with fire, and took off the gloves with great success. The media remains strongly entrenched with the left and perhaps is getting worse. If you don't believe, name a broadcaster who you would consider "conservative" on any of the major networks. In the 04 election, there were a host of anti-Bush books and critics, all of whom were guaranteed an eager audience on the morning shows. Pro-Bush stuff was relegated to Fox, which is still referred as the great anti-liberal bane.

So what is Coulter is the dragon-woman and the flamethrower. For heavan's sake there is a multitude of whackier ones on the left. As dumb as the left thinks we are, I mean we know the diff when Ann is rolling in the frags grenades for effect. And frankly, in spite of her take no prisoners style, she's often not that far off mark. And it's delightful to see the lefties pulling out their hair out and about to absolutely go into hysteria when she run's a few magazines of rhetorical tracers into their sensitive litlle ego's. They can dish it out, but can't take it. I note she hasn't been invited back on to Maher's show after tap dancing on his head and the his atheist-left audience.

So lighten up, dudes and ladies, and let the girl have some fun.

Comment Posted By Spaceman On 6.06.2006 @ 21:42


It is funny that the revitalized, take a stand, new backbone, tell it like it is, whistler blowing (i.e, post-Katrina) main US media is too wussy to publish the cartoons.

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