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To add to what I posted above:
Again I'm sorry with some of what I said, I lumped you into a group with people like Malkin without really reading what you had written and in doing so betrayed that exact smae type of intellectual prejudice I attemped to rail against.

Comment Posted By Socraticsilence On 30.08.2006 @ 14:51

1) Nor I would wager are the vast majority of Muslims pushing for Global Jihad.

2) I apologize for miscontruing your post in this manner, however I stand by my statement, ie.e that it is a fallacy to posit that that the actions by a lone Muslim who may or may not being seeking a jihad reflect anything other than that individuals misguided beliefs.

3) I would question how this is anymore an act of Terrorism than a man going on a shooting spree in a crowded amll is an act of terrorism, quite simply If these, the actions of a single indivdiual as of yet unconnected to any larger terrorist group/network, than is any act of violence commited outside the home to be construed as a terrorist action? Furthermore if we are to limit ourselves to those who claim a vague political reasoning or ideology behind there action must there actions have a rational goal?

Finally now that I re-read your piece I am struck by the fact that you share many of my reservations (sorry, I orignally only skimmed your post, thus comitting a sin in rational debate which I now regret) and that perhaps some of your earlier (first few paragraphs) statements (such as the accusation of Anti-semitism) are softened by your later hedging.

Comment Posted By Socraticsilence On 30.08.2006 @ 14:47

Forgive my punctuation of Jackasses, it should have been Jackass's.

Comment Posted By Socraticsilence On 30.08.2006 @ 13:36

Out curiousity do you see every violent act commited by say a christian as an example of a Global Crusade? I only ask becasue your willingness to attribute the actions of every isolated nut to some sort of unifed Jihad seems kinda paranoid. (Note: I'm not saying that some actions, especially those by al Queda and others aren't intended to be part of a jihad against the West, but rather that attributing all violent acts by Muslims to this is kinda sloppy and ignores Occam's razor: what if they're just nuts. I mean noone would say that the Mother in Texas who cut off her babies arms because God told her too, exemplifies Christianity's War on Children so why should some Jackasses rampage in a vehicle represent an act of Jihad?)

Comment Posted By Socraticsilence On 30.08.2006 @ 13:35

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