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I will not argue the details of the deal, I have no strong opinion on the matter, but I will definitely say that your information on Dubai and the U.A.E. as a whole is incorrect. I lived there for nine years and, as an Egyptian, I was not entirely loved by most of the other Arab residents of the country.

Still, I can definitely say that claiming that white slavery and drugs are major problems there is a huge exaggeration. The U.A.E. applies the death penalty when there are cases that involve drugs. Hell, they hanged three local U.A.E.-ians for raping a phillipino woman. (Let me just make the point that most phillipinos in the U.A.E. work as unskilled labor or maids/nannies).

As about the money-laundering and the use of the money to launch terrorist attacks issue, that again is too much of an exaggeration. The United Arab Emirates are a moderate country politically with much of their old tribal system still intact. U.A.E. citizens support their rulers and love them, I have seen this myself.

And why shouldn't they? They get lots of benefits, free education and health care etc. The U.A.E. is a rich oil-producing country which has managed to develop its economy in a much more realistic and sustainable manner than any of their Gulf neighbours that the United States is currently in cahoots with.

Finally, let me just inform you that politically speaking (since many people keep stressing this point), the U.A.E. DOES have links to Iran; they hate the state. The two countries have been in a state of constant conflict and bickering over various islans in the Arabian/Persian gulf for over two decades now. Iranians sometimes cross illegaly into the U.A.E. but the government in Abu Dhabi (The Capital city of the U.A.E.) is quite cold towards Tehran.

All the best.

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